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Canada PR Residency Obligation – Here Is How To Calculate!

Last Updated On 5 January 2023, 9:28 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Canada PR Residency Obligation. Permanent Residency to Canada is a dream comes true; particularly for students, temporary workers and families awaiting reunion.

In a country of immigrants, even though you immigrate you have ties, families and responsibilities behind.

Hence, you may have to travel abroad frequently and sometimes requiring you to stay longer than planned. 

However, there is a residency obligation that you are part of, that kicks in the day you sign your landing paper.

Thus, knowing these few details are important for all the permanent residents in Canada and particularly freshly landed Permanent Residents.

How To Calculate Your Days?

In the last 5 years (Go back 5 years from the day you sign your PR card renewal application), have you resided in Canada for at least 2 years (730 Days)?

If you do fulfill this requirement, you are in compliance. Please note, no need to stay in Canada for two years in a row, it can be cumulative days count from within the last five years.

Again, it cannot be any five years period but the slot preceding five years back from the day you sign your application.

DID YOU MEET THE DAYS? GREAT! Go ahead and renew the PR card!!


No worries, please check if you qualify under these factors-

  1. Were you employed full-time abroad by Canadian Enterprise or Public Service? Or are you a spouse or child of such employee?
  2. Were you accompanying a spouse who is a Canadian Citizen? Or a child accompanying a parent?

GOOD NEWS! You may count these days as your physical presence days in Canada. 

If you make a total of 730 days including these days and the ones you were physically present in Canada, you can mark your self safe.


In this case, you may seek an expert’s advice because now you need to take cautious steps. You are almost in a danger zone.

However, you may still qualify to be assessed under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, if your reasoning on this ground is solid.

The instrumental factors in your Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds may include sickness in family requiring you to stay back among others.

Likewise, significant consideration may also be given to Best Interest of Child who would be impacted by the decision.

Detailed evidence to substantiate your compelling reasons needs to be submitted along with the application.

Nevertheless, do not take a risk and get a second opinion from a competent professional in this matter or you may be jeopardizing your PR status. 

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