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IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser MP

Know Here IRCC Latest Processing Times As Of October 4!

Beginning in early 2022, IRCC has improved their online processing tool in order to provide actual processing timelines. Immigration Minister, the Honourable Sean Fraser announced these improvements on March 31, 2022, as part of an effort to enhance Canadian immigration system. This article enlists the latest processing times from the IRCC website as of September 28, 2022.

What Updates Does the Processing Time Include?

This new IRCC tool is intended to provide weekly computations based on the previous six months’ data, as well as exact processing timeframes.

Furthermore, it represents the application volume with operational concerns to help potential immigrants plan their immigration to Canada more effectively.

IRCC bases processing time on the time it takes to process previous comparable applications. The processing time begins when the application is received by IRCC and concludes when the immigration officer reaches a judgement on the application.

So, the processing period may fluctuate depending on whether the application was submitted on paper or online.

Processing Times for Citizenship & PR cards

Processing Time for Family Sponsorship

Click here for September 28 processing update!

Processing time for Canadian Passport 
  • 1. In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted in person at Service Canada Centre – Passport services): 10 business days
  • 2. In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted by mail to Service Canada Centre): 20 business days
  • 3. In-Canada New Passport (Standard pick-up): 10 business days
  • 4. In-Canda Urgent pick-up: By the end of the next business day
  • 5. In-Canada Express pick-up: 2-9 business days
  • 6. Regular passport application mailed from outside Canada: 20 business days after receiving.
Processing time for Economic Class 

Click here for September 28 processing update!

Canada Immigration Backlog Reduces By 95,204 – New IRCC Data

IRCC Processing Time for Temporary Residence Application 

  • Visitor visa outside Canada: Varies by country (India: 134 days)
  • Visitor visa inside Canada: 14 days online and 35 days by paper. (Increased by 1 day (online) and by 6 days (paper based) since last update on September 28)
  • Parents or grandparents Super Visa: Varies by country (India: 51 days:  Increased by 13 days since last update on September 28)
  • Visitor extension (Visitor record): 201 days online and 190 days by paper.
  • Study permit outside Canada: 13 weeks
  • Study permit inside Canada: 4 weeks 
  • Work permit outside Canada: Varies by country (India: 21 weeks: Reduced by 3 weeks since last update on September 28). Applications for critical occupations are being prioritised. If you are not applying for a job in a critical occupation, your processing time may be longer than shown above.
  • Study permit extension: 67 days online and 83 days by paper. (Reduced by 6 days (online) last update on September 28)
  • Work permit inside Canada (initial application or extension): 167 days online and 99 days by paper. (Increased by 1 day (online) and reduced by 2 days (paper-based) since last update on September 28) 
  • International Experience Canada (Current Season): 6 Weeks

Source: IRCC

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