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IRCC backlog

IRCC Backlog Jumped To 1.84 Million As Per Latest Update!

IRCC Backlog jumped to 1,844,424 as of mid-March, per latest article published by CIC News. We saw some signs of improvement in February update, but backlog has grown again.

An article by CIC news reported that, “there are 1.84 million people waiting on decisions in its inventory as of mid-March.” You should understand what this update means. It represents the inventory of applications (PR and TR) in process by IRCC for specified categories. Most of the improvement was seen in the following economic categories:

IRCC Backlog: Following Categories Had Reduction in Backlog!
Immigration category%age of backlog reduced since February 28Number of applications processed since Feb 28Applications Under Processing as of Mar. 15
Canadian Experience Class (EE)14.06%1,70010,388
Federal Skilled Workers (EE)9.02%4,10141,336
Skilled Trades (EE)6.80%43589
Live-in Caregiver Program4.51%601,268
Federal Skilled Workers (C-50)3.55%7190
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot3.01%27870
Provincial/Territorial Nominees (EE)2.38%89436,590
Quebec Entrepreneur1.92%8408
Agri-Food Pilot Program0.61%4649
IRCC Backlog Reduction As of March 15
Following Categories Had Increase In Processing Inventory
Immigration category%age of backlog added 
since February 28
Number of applications processed since Feb 28Applications as of Mar. 15
Quebec Self Employed35.96%32121
Canadian Experience Class (No EE)27.38%23107
Start-up Business9.73%1261,421
Provincial/Territorial Nominees (No EE)7.83%2,51534,621
Caring For Children Program7.78%1,26917,585
High Medical Needs Program6.67%116
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs3.69%952,672
Quebec Investor3.35%46414,309
TR to PR3.02%1,03735,341
Quebec Skilled Workers2.98%78026,997
Federal Self Employed1.58%825,263
Temporary Resident Applications Backlog as of March 17
TR category%age of backlog reduced/addedApplications Under Processing as of Mar. 17Persons as of Feb. 1
Study Permit-0.89%111,192112,185
Study Permit Extension+15.31%30,53326,479
Temporary Resident Visa-0.20%419,243420,097
Visitor Record+5.28%68,52865,093
Work Permit+17.16%100,20585,526
Work Permit Extension+2.57%142,791139,218
IRCC TR Backlog as of March 17

To put in perspective for overall progress, IRCC backlog has increased by around 1.58% since February update.

Source: CIC News

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IRCC backlog
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