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Know 10 High Paying Work From Home Jobs!

Here Are 10 Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now In Canada!

Last Updated On 13 May 2023, 8:19 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Whether you are an experienced professional or trying to build up experience, there is plenty of work from home opportunities.

You can make several extra bugs from the comfort of your home, and many even offer you the flexibility to choose your schedule. 

Below are ten work-from-home opportunities, regardless of your experience levels. All you need is a reliable internet connection and your laptop. 

Moreover, you can find positions that will probably pay you weekly due to the nature of these jobs.

We have included the average base salary from Indeed data to help you calculate your estimated salary. 

10 Work-from-home Jobs with Average Base Salaries  


Average Base Salary: $27.06/hr

Main duties: Translators take a message written in one language and convert it into another. They translate while keeping the original message’s meaning intact.


Average Base Salary: $24.16/hr

Main duties: Proofreaders examine written material and fix grammatical and spelling mistakes. Additionally, they look for good syntax, punctuation, and brand voice.

Virtual Assistant

Average base salary: $22.11/hr

Main duties: Virtual assistants manage calendars for their clients, which could include scheduling meetings, calls, travel plans, etc. In addition, they frequently connect with their client through phone and email.

Content writer

Average base salary: 21.49/hr

Main duties: Content writers create marketing copy to promote their client’s services or goods. In addition, they conduct research to learn more about their client’s services and goods and input their material into a content management system for evaluation. 


Average base salary: 21.34/hr

Main duties: A transcriptionist listens to audio files and notes each word they hear. In addition to reviewing and organizing their transcriptions for later access, they frequently write shorthand notes. 


Average base salary: 21.19/hr

Main duties: Bloggers create online blog content and get paid for views. For example, they create blog posts, edit them for clarity and grammatical accuracy, and publish them. Or they help write content for other blogs. In addition, bloggers use social media to advertise their blog posts. 


Average Base Salary: 20.93/hr

Main duties: An interpreter translates a message or document from one language into another. They translate these messages into other languages and frequently into sign language for hearing-impaired people. Written documents can be translated into another language by interpreters as well.

Social media handler

Average base salary: 19.95/hr

Main duties: Social media experts create content for a company’s social media platforms. In addition, they may need to engage with customers to expand the company’s social media following. Social media experts may also review websites and social media stats to enhance their tactics.

Customer service representative

Average base salary: $18.45/hr 

Main duties: Customer service representatives take customer calls and solve their problems. In addition, they respond to customer inquiries, provide product details, and handle exchanges and returns.

Call center representative

Average base salary: 18.23/hr

Main duties: Call centre agents to speak with customers and utilize their familiarity with goods and services to serve them better. They pay attention to customers’ complaints and work to understand their needs better to offer the best solution.


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