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Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry System – Know How Much It Costs!

Last Updated On 20 October 2022, 9:40 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Express Entry system is the fastest way to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). It has processing time of 6 months after submission of documents following the ITA.

While Canada continues to attract immigrants worldwide, the Express Entry system is still remains most promising. Although the program is widely known, little is discussed about the associated cost when applying under the Express Entry system.  

This article will help break down the associated cost under the Express Entry system. 

Cost when applying via Express Entry 

In general, you would need about $15,500 to immigrate to Canada as an individual candidate. Families with children will need between $25,000 and $30,000, while couples will need about $21,000. 

The estimated costs associated with immigration are broken down in depth below.

Language test

Your language tests are valid for two years. However, your test results must remain valid during your PR application. Below is the cost for language tests in Canada.

 Note that the amount is in Canadian dollars and does not include tax (because it will depend on your location). 

  • CELPIP: $280 
  • IELTS: $300
  • TCF: $460 (plus a non-refundable charge of $75 if the applicant cancels or reschedules)
  • TEF: $440 (plus a non-refundable charge of $75 for the same reason as above). 

Education Credential Evaluation 

To confirm that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or another form of credential verification) is legitimate and on par with a Canadian one, you can undergo an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Note that there are various ECAs; you need to get an ECA for immigration purposes. If you have another type, you may need to reissue it. 

The estimated cost of ECA is $200, excluding delivery or courier fees. However, most of it depends on the credential assessment organization.  


Applicants for permanent residence must enrol their biometrics with each application. However, an applicant is not needed to submit their biometrics for any subsequent temporary residence applications submitted during their permanent residence process once they have supplied biometrics in support of a permanent residence application.

The cost for biometrics is:

  • For individuals: $85 
  • Couple fee: $170 
  • Cost for three individuals or more (applying together): $225

Medical Examination 

You would need to find the list of panel physicians to complete the medical examination for the permanent residency application. 

To find a panel physician close to your location, you can use IRCC’s link to find a panel physician. The estimated cost of medical examination in Canada can range from $150 CAD to $280 CAD. 

Application Fees and Success Rates

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there are fees related to processing your Express Entry applications.

For an individual application, the application processing fee is $850. While for the application fee with a partner, the cost rises to a total of $1,700. Additionally, for dependent children, the fee is $230 per dependent. 

As a result, a family of three, for instance, will have to pay $1,930 just to process their applications.

The Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF), which amounts to $515 extra, will be charged to both adults if the family of three is granted permanent status, bringing the total cost to $2,960.

Lastly, there could be more associated fees depending on your consultation fee, lawyer costs, admin fees, etc.

Canada Express Entry system