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10 High-Paying Master’s Program In Canada – Here Is The List

Official data from Job Bank Canada show Master’s program listed below have the highest pay. You can view the median annual salary for each program in the list below. In addition, these are the top 10 courses in Canada that can earn you a job of $50/hr or more.

1. Finance and financial management services – $106,578.00

Students learn all stages of acquiring and allocating resources for capital investments in this degree. After completing a finance master’s, students can get positions like a corporate investment banker, financial analyst, or financial advisor. 

2.Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and administration – $103,059.00

Pharmaceutical science deals with the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. After graduation, it can open up high-paying positions such as a chemist, regulatory specialist, or pharmacist. 

3. Accounting – $102,610.00

Students who graduated with a master’s in accounting can work in several accounting and audition positions. For example, it can include working as a public accountant, financial accountant, or auditor. 

4. Business and commerce and administrations – $100,022.00

Mater’s in business administration or similar focuses on management. After graduation, students can get jobs in multiple roles and sectors. Such as marketing, business operating, finance, or management consultant. 

5. Law, legal services, and legal studies – $98,021.00

Pursuing a JD, LLB, or BLC will be required to be a lawyer and practice law in Canada. However, with a master’s in law degree, students can work as compliance officers, HR managers, or contract negotiators. 

6. Other engineering-related fields $97,008.00

Engineering masters have a wide range of options that also pay well. These options include chemical, agriculture, civil, computer, or biomedical engineering. The position you’ll work in the future will depend on the type of engineering master’s you do. 

7. Nursing – $94,734.00

Nursing masters can open doors to getting managerial positions. For example, with a master’s in nursing, you can work as a nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse educator. 

8. Computer Science $92,521.00

Computer science master’s teaches technical skills in computer and IT. After a computer science master’s, students can get positions like Computer network architect, Software developer, Information security manager, etc. 


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9. Chemical engineering and related studies – $92,509.00

Chemical science engineering includes several options for specialization. For example, as a chemical engineering graduate, you can work as a chemical engineer, natural sciences manager, chemist & material scientist, etc. 

10. Computer engineering – $92,503.00

Computer engineering master’s provides combined knowledge of computer science and electrical engineering. It can help build careers as a computer hardware engineer, field service engineer, hardware design engineer, etc. 

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