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Bachelor's program in Canada

10 High-Paying Bachelors Program In Canada – Here Is List!

Last Updated On 27 February 2023, 7:37 PM EST (Toronto Time)

10 High-Paying Bachelor’s Program In Canada. The official data from Job Bank Canada shows the courses listed below as the high paying bachelor’s programs.

Additionally, you can check out the median annual salary for each program. However, these are the top 10 courses in Canada that can earn you a job of $50/hr or more. 

List of high-paying bachelor’s programs. 

1. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and administration– $109,645.00

Studying Pharmaceutical Sciences includes developing, distributing, and preparing therapeutic drugs such as medications. Moreover, some of the career opportunities include Pharmaceutical Scientist, Clinical Research Associate, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, and Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

2. Chemical engineering and related studies – $91,278.00 

Chemical engineering unites chemistry, biology, and math and focuses on developing renewable fuels, biotechnology, product sustainability, etc. After graduation, you can work as a Chemical, Mining, or Refinery engineer.

3. Other engineering fields – $80,003.00 

A degree in engineering continues to be in demand. However, regardless of the type you choose to pursue, your average salary will be $50/h. 

4. Nursing – $79,896.00

The Bachelor of Science in nursing is a four-year degree program many employers prefer and can open many opportunities. This could be Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), and similar professions.

5. Electrical engineering – $78,225.00 

A bachelor’s in electrical engineering involves using engineering principles and practices to develop, design, and test equipment and devices that use electricity systems. In addition, you could explore a career as an Electrical engineer, project manager or designer, and more. 

6. Mechanical engineering – $77,028.00 

One of the broadest engineering disciplines with many specialization options is Mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, you could work as a Mechanical, Automation, or Powertrain engineer. 

7. Geological and Earth sciences/geosciences – $74,454.00

An undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences studies all physical, chemical, and biological processes that impact the earth. With this degree, you could have career opportunities in Environmental Consulting, Geotechnical Consulting, the mining industry, and more. 

8. Computer engineering – $73,963.00 

You’ll learn how to evaluate, design, and maintain computer hardware and software systems with this degree. Some of the careers you could explore are AI designer/developer, Computer Engineer, Business Systems Analyst, and more. 

9. Civil engineering and related studies – $73,851.00 

Civil engineering studies the design, infrastructure, and long-term sustainability of the structures. Also, systems that support our daily lives, such as tall buildings or tunnels. As a civil engineer, you could explore careers as an Engineering Project Manager, Architect, and Civil Engineer.

10. Computer science – $69,884.00 

Computer science studies computation, automation, and information. You could explore careers as Software Developer, Systems Manager, Web Developer, Software Engineer, etc.


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