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Why no express entry draw today

Why No Express Entry Draw Today? Know The Possible Reasons

Last Updated On 6 September 2023, 9:15 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Why No Express Entry Draw Today. All the candidates having an Express Entry profile were eagerly waiting for the details of bi-weekly draw on August 29-30.

Furthermore, the IRCC even did not hold any draws this week, and it is now almost 3 weeks without any Express Entry draw, whether targeted or ‘no program specified.’

This article enlists any possible reasons that we speculate could have resulted no Express Entry draw.

Details of the Express Entry draws are usually made public by IRCC between 1:00 to 4:00 pm EST after every 2 weeks or may be in the morning.

But, there was no draw at all. Furthermore, no information was made public by IRCC on why there was no Express Entry Draw today.

Below listed are some reasons that we collected from our IRCC internal sources and expert immigration consultants in Canada:

Our sources: Everybody is reluctant to reveal information now-a-days, but some smoke that we got is that IRCC is trying to limit the Express Entry inventory because of enough files already under processing to meet target for this year as well as half of the 2024.

IRCC is now focusing on increasing the quality of candidates in the pool receiving invitations to apply (ITAs).

Furthermore, they are trying to divert the workforce to reduce backlog since they already have enough applicants already in the pipeline.

INC Reason: Above mentioned is definitely a factor. However, this may seem vague, but we have seen new Immigration Minister not interested in paying attention to imminent IRCC issues.

He is still taking time to settle in the department and might believe the fact that anyone receiving an ITA will be adding to processing inventory; although, there is enough inventory to meet the target for at least first quarter of 2024.

Street Talk: IRCC is still not paying any heed to Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates.

Not only CEC candidates, they have now skipped the draws which affect all the programs as well as candidates having high hopes for targeted draws.

2022 Archive On No Express Entry draw when it was expected

We believe that draw was not held because of ongoing glitches/technical errors in the Express Entry system.

The errors/glitches in the Express Entry system started after the implementation of new NOC codes on November 16, 2022.

Only one draw was held after November 16, 2022 which invited some ineligible Express Entry profiles and left out some eligible ones.

INC – Immigration News Canada raised this concern on November 26, 2022 post the November 23 Express Entry draw.

Now it seems like IRCC is trying to resolve the ongoing glitches in the system to ensure fair Express Entry draws.

Major Technical Issues In The Express Entry System

Some of the Express Entry profiles did not get an invitation to apply (ITA) in the November 23 draw, despite having a CRS score higher than the specified cut off.

While some ineligible profiles were invited, this was due to some profiles receiving extra CRS points.

Another snag was that candidates were not given credit for their spouse’s Canadian employment experience.

Applicants typically obtain 70 CRS points for their spouse’s Canadian employment experience.

Furthermore, some applicants were identified as eligible for the Canadian Experience Class and received an invitation to apply. However, they did not have the required Canadian work experience.

Moreover, certain applicants received additional CRS points for which they were ineligible and were invited to apply based on those invalid scores.

Other Possible Unlikely Reason

As we know IRCC is full of surprises and lack proactive communication. They might be trying to test their Express Entry system to try a new targeted Express Entry draw.

However, this reason only has 1% chance for being a reason behind no Express Entry draw today.

These technical errors and lack of communication reflects quite badly on IRCC, being an important government organization and having a massive financial budget allocation.

If they are troubleshooting the online errors or draw announcement is delayed, then a proactive communication or notification could have been sent to the applicants to expect this.

Or, simply Express Entry rounds of invitations page should have an update highlighted at the top. As of now, IRCC social media handles as well as notice and news page are still mum. They have not provided any information on no Express Entry draw today.

IRCC is yet to acknowledge and respond to these ongoing glitches. However, answer for no Express Entry draw today seems to be hidden in the above mentioned ongoing issues.


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