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Targeted Express Entry Draws To Make PNPs More Lucrative

Last Updated On 3 September 2023, 10:03 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Canada is now shifting towards new targeted Express Entry draws as opposed to previous CEC, FSWP, FSTP, or PNP draws.

The new targeted Express Entry draws are focusing on francophiles as well as profiles having experience in 82 listed occupations.

IRCC has repeatedly stated that these targeted draws will be part of the normal Express Entry draws and we are seeing no program specified draws alongside these targeted draws.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) Become More Lucrative

The list of 82 occupations shortlisted by IRCC for targeted Express Entry draws are mostly same that are targeted by different Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

For example, Ontario and British Columbia targets these occupations in Tech and Healthcare PNP draws under different categories.

Recently, Alberta has also started targeting healthcare occupations and already provides an accelerated Tech pathway.

With introduction of federal Express Entry targeted draws for these 82 occupations, the cutoff score in the PNPs is expected to drop further for these profiles.

It will be interested to see how PNPs modify further to adjust their selection criteria based on targeted Express Entry draws.

PNPs could start targeting more occupations to keep the selection competitive or otherwise cutoff score is expected to drop for these occupations.

If a Kinesiologist get an invitation in the Express Entry targeted draw, then why would he/she accept Ontario or BC’s provincial nomination.

As a result, PNPs may become easier for individuals having experience in these 82 occupations or having French fluency.

Effect on Overall Express Entry CRS Score Cutoff

Everyone is anticipating that CRS cutoff will increase in general draws with reduction in number of invitations, while cutoff is expected to drop for the profiles in 82 occupations or for francophone profiles.

However, this may not turn out to be true in all the cases.

CRS Cutoff score could still be higher in targeted draw for the healthcare and STEM related occupations as compared to general draw or trade and transport occupation specific draws.

Most of these healthcare and STEM occupations require professional degree as well as higher English proficiency which means their profile is already quite strong and their CRS score could be high.

Furthermore, the size of targeted Express Entry draws may not be as big as the general draws so only the profiles with high CRS may get chance in initial targeted draws.

On the other hand, CRS Cutoff score could drop significantly for targeted Express Entry draws for Trade and Agri-Food related occupations, given that these profiles usually have comparatively lower English proficiency and only require a diploma, similar to what we used to see in Federal Skilled Trades draws in the past.

With 82 of these occupations to be invited in targeted draws, the high CRS scores in the general pool can also drop with left over profiles with low scores, but this seems unlikely as these occupations are also be participating in general draw.

Conversely, Express Entry profiles in healthcare and STEM occupations with low CRS Score have a better shot at getting provincial nomination.

Exact situation and effect of new targeted Express Entry draws is now getting more clear.

Nobody can surely predict impact of new targeted draws, but it definitely depends on the size of targeted and general draws.

If you are an individual eligible for any of the Express Entry program, do create your profile irrespective of your CRS score. IRCC is full of surprises so it is always advisable to stay in the pool.

What was the CRS cutoff score in latest Express Entry draw in 2023?

496 was the CRS cutoff score in the latest Express Entry draw announced on August 15, 2023.

When is the next Express Entry draw?

Express Entry draws are held every two weeks on Wednesdays, but IRCC skipped this week’s draw, so we can expect that the next round of invitations is anticipated to be announced between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. EST between September 5 or 7, 2023.


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New Targeted Express Entry Draws Make PNPs More Lucrative