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Check New IRCC Processing Times As of March 29

Last Updated On 11 April 2023, 8:52 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

This page contains a list of the new updated official IRCC processing times as of March 29, 2023, as well as a comparison to the previous week’s processing timings.

For over a year, we’ve been tracking and publishing these processing times for our readers, which are officially updated weekly by the IRCC.

Please carefully read the following information to properly understand what these processing timeframes mean.

In early 2022, the IRCC upgraded its processing tool to include accurate information on typical processing durations rather than just service standard timelines.

These processing timelines are meant to offer potential immigrants and visa applicants to Canada an indication of how long it may take for a decision to be reached on their application.

These timelines are based on data collected for 80% of previously processed applications over the last 6 months and are meant to offer the most recent weekly processing timings.

This does not guarantee that your application will be processed in the same amount of time.

Because it is an average of the processing times for 80% of the applications, the processing time for your application may be longer or shorter than displayed.

Please keep in mind that the processing time begins when the IRCC receives the application and concludes when the immigration officer determines whether or not to accept the application.

Citizenship & PR cards IRCC Processing Times

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange From Last Week
Citizenship grant23 monthsNo Change
Citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship)*14 monthsNo Change
Resumption of citizenship30 monthsNo Change
Renunciation of Citizenship14 monthsNo Change
Search of citizenship records16 monthsNo Change
New PR card29 days– 3 Days
PR card renewals63 days– 3 Days

*Citizenship certificate (evidence of citizenship): Applications from countries other than Canada and the United States may be processed more slowly.

The IRCC is currently sending acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) letters or emails to paper and online citizenship applicants who applied between February 13th, 2023.

Family Sponsorship Processing times

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange From Last Week
Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada16 monthsNo Change
Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada13 monthsNo Change
Parents or Grandparents PR39 monthsNo Change

Canadian Passport Processing times 

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange From
Last Week
In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted in person at Service Canada Centre – Passport services)10 business daysNo Change
In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted by mail to Service Canada Centre)20 business daysNo Change
In-Canda Urgent pick-upBy the end of next business dayNo Change
In-Canada Express pick-up2-9 business daysNo Change
Regular passport application mailed from outside Canada20 business daysNo Change

Economic Class Permanent Residency Processing Time

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange From Last Week
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)12 monthsNo Change
Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)30 monthsNo Change
Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)70 months (not updated
by IRCC since March 1)
No Change
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via Express Entry11 monthsNo Change
Non-Express Entry PNP20 monthsNo Change
Quebec Skilled Workers (QSW)20 monthsNo Change
Quebec Business Class
entrepreneurs (Quebec)
investors (Quebec)
self-employed persons (Quebec)
67 monthsNo Change
Federal Self-Employed43 monthsNo Change
Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP)24 monthsNo Change
Start-Up Visa33 monthsNo Change

Temporary Residence Application Processing times 

Application TypeCurrent Processing TimeChange From Last Week
Visitor visa outside CanadaVaries by country
India: 25 Days
Nigeria: 357 Days
United States: 14 Days
Pakistan: 235 Days
Philippines: 29 Days
UAE: 319 Days
Bangladesh: 239 Days
Sri Lanka: 125 Days
United Kingdom: 31 Days
– 12 Days for India
+ 6 Days for Nigeria
– 3 Days for United States
+ 114 Days for Pakistan
– 1 Day for Philippines
– 4 Days for UAE
+ 99 Day for Bangladesh
+ 23 Days for Sri Lanka
+1 Day for UK
Visitor visa inside CanadaOnline: 11 days
Paper-Based: 33 days
No Change
Parents or Grandparents Super VisaVaries by country
India: 123 Days
Nigeria: 686 Days
United States: 192 Days
Pakistan: 422 Days
Philippines: 226 Days
UAE: 327 Days
Bangladesh: 253 Days
Sri Lanka: 307 Days
United Kingdom: 190 Days
– 4 Days for India
+ 6 Days for Nigeria
+ 71 Days for United States
– 40 Days for Pakistan
– 5 Days for Philippines
+ 1 Day for UAE
No Change for Bangladesh
– 11 Days for Sri Lanka
+ 8 Days for UK
Study Permit Outside Canada9 Weeks– 1 Week
Visitor Extension (Visitor Record)Online: 183 days
Paper-Based: 85 days
+ 2 Days (Online)
No Change for Paper-Based
Study Permit Inside Canada2 Weeks– 1 Week
Study Permit ExtensionOnline: 69 Days
Paper-Based: 99 Days
– 8 Days (Online)
No Change for Paper-Based
Work Permit Outside Canada*Varies by country
India: 8 Weeks
Nigeria: 26 Weeks
United States: 10 Weeks
Pakistan: 47 Weeks
Philippines: 9 Weeks
UAE: 37 Weeks
Bangladesh: 46 Weeks
Sri Lanka: 19 Weeks
United Kingdom: 12 Weeks
No Change for India
+ 1 Week for Nigeria
– 4 Weeks for United States
+ 1 Week for Pakistan
– 1 Week for Philippines
– 2 Weeks for UAE
+ 7 Weeks for Bangladesh
+ 1 Week for Sri Lanka
No Change for UK
Work Permit Inside CanadaOnline: 148 Days
Paper-Based: 25 Days
– 3 Days (Online)
– 3 Days for paper-based
International Experience Canada (Current Season)4 Weeks+ 1 Week
Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP)23 Days+ 2 Days
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)5 minutesNo Change

*Applications for critical occupations are being prioritized at this time. If you are not applying for a position in an essential occupation, your processing time may be longer than stated above.


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