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Sean Fraser IRCC backlog

IRCC Backlog Jumped To 2.13 Million As Per New Update!

IRCC Backlog jumped to 2,130,385 as of April 29, as per latest article published by CIC News. This is 98,796 increase from mid-April’s backlog data and 187,165 increase from mid-March’s IRCC backlog data. Although, there was some signs of improvement in February update, but backlog has significantly grown again. 

Furthermore, the backlog increased significantly for temporary residence applications since March 17 and April 11 data. However, backlog reduced for express entry applications since April 11 data.

As per IRCC media spokesperson to CIC News during the mid-April update, the temporary resident visas and work permits backlogs increased because of recently launched special program for Ukrainians fleeing war.

IRCC received 204,227 such applications from residents of Ukraine until May 4, 2022. Also, out of these, 91,482 applications have been approved. Temporary residence applications backlog increased from 1,102,375 to 1,200,791. Below are the major PR and TR applications backlog data as of April 29.

Permanent Residence Applications Backlog as of April 29
Immigration category%age of backlog added/reduced since Apr. 11Applications Under Process as of Apr. 29Applications Under Process as of Apr. 11Applications Under Processing as of Mar. 15
Canadian Experience Class (EE)-10.05%7,5228,36310,388
Federal Skilled Workers (EE)-9.36%32,88336,28141,336
Skilled Trades (EE)-9.86%484537589
TR to PR+8.67%44,44940,90335,341
Quebec Skilled Workers-6.38%32,13034,32026,997
Humanitarian & Compassionate-0.44%24,98125,09227,218
Spouses, partners, children, other family+0.98%67,10266,44864,467
Parents and Grandparents+3.05%38,47837,33835,324
Family Relations Humanitarian & Compassionate-0.75%3,2833,3083,320
Protected Persons-0.62%157,428158,402157,552
Temporary Residence Applications Backlog as of April 29
TR category%age of backlog reduced/added since Apr. 11Applications under processing as of Apr. 29Applications Under Processing as of Apr. 11Applications Under Processing as of Mar. 17
Study Permit+8.30%132,280122,145111,192
Study Permit Extension+6.04%36,31034,24230,533
Temporary Resident Visa+11.27%621,451558,498419,243
Visitor Record+4.62%76,84773,45068,528
Work Permit+9.41%189,061172,796100,205
Work Permit Extension+2.55%144,842141,244142,791

IRCC TR Backlog as of April 29

Source: CIC News

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Sean Fraser IRCC backlog
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