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International Students deportation

International Students Deportation Case: NDP Calls For PR Pathway

Last Updated On 2 June 2023, 8:17 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

NDP’s Jenny Kwan wrote to immigration minister Sean Fraser last week to stay the international students deportation affected in the fake offer letter case.

Jenny Kwan is the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East and NDP’s critic for IRCC.

She also wrote to Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino to work on resolving the situation as soon as possible.

Jenny said that the IRCC should immediately stay the deportations of international students affected in fake offer letter case, waive the inadmissibility on the basis of misrepresentation, and offer them a pathway to permanent residency.

She urged the affected students to contact her office for assistance at

International Students Handout Demand Letter To CBSA – June 2, 2023

Today on June 2, these international students presented their demands to CBSA with a rally march holding placards.

International students facing deportations have been continuously (24X7) protesting in front of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) since Monday, May 29.

This move from international students has gathered support from other international students, business community, singers, and licensed immigration consultants of Punjabi community.

International students handing over demands to the CBSA personnels - June 2, 2023
International students handing over demands to the CBSA personnels – June 2, 2023

June 2, 2023

Respected, Madam/Sir Member, Panel member and the Minister

We, International Students came from different states of India years ago to pursue higher education in Canada for better future prospects as Canadian education system, policies and the opportunities available graduation are unmatchable, which is why we chose Canada for higher education because of our belief in the Canadian education system.

Maiority of international students from South Asia are represented by immigration agents as are privy with the admissions and the visa application process. Similarly, we also obtained help for admission and visa application process.

However, we have been the victims of their fraudulent acts, we have been charged hefty fees, while we all were unaware of their wrong doing including fake offer letters and our fraudulent signatures, which made us the principal applications.

We are wiling to provide the identification information for these agents, one of them who belongs of Jalandhar, Punjab is now absconding. Our parents have invested their lifetime earnings on our dreams of pursuing higher education.

But deporting us from Canada due to fraud of the agents will endanger our economic condition and ours and our family’s future. We completed our studies with hard work by paying international tuition fees.

During the period of Covid and inflation, along with studies, we played an essential is ensuring that the work force was available in the Canadian economy and earned the fees and other necessary expenses by working hard.

Even on the work permit, we contributed to the economic development of Canada with full effort and honesty and paid the due tax on time.

We are not criminals or a threat to national security, but we are being treated as such. We are already victims of fraud by the agents and the deportation order is unbearable for us.

We request our Canadian government, immigration department and other related authorities to solve this matter on priority basis and give relief to the international students and their parents.

  • That our deportation order be overturned and that the accused immigration agents and the colleges and other individuals who involved with them in Canada be investigated for defrauding students.
  • That we request an issuance of temporary work permit(s) while the final decision on the cases are been made so that we can a) continue to contribute in the Canadian economy b) continue to earn for our livelihood as currently we had burning through our savings.
  • We should be given an opportunity to move forward in the future by dismissing the case of
    fraud in the documents.
Demand Letter submitted to CBSA – June 2, 2023

Concerns Raised on Jenny’s Demand

Kubeir Kamal of Ask Kubeir Immigration acknowledging that the affected international students could be victims and could be given a chance, but raised concerns on the demand of asking for direct PR (permanent residency) by Jenny Kwan.

He believes this may send a different message to international students working hard to get PR who came to Canada via genuine premise.

What is international students deportation case?

We have been posting news related to deportation of international students for quite a while, but still there are lot of people who are still unaware of the situation.

Here is the summary of what happened in the fake offer letter deportation case of international students.

Many of the international students from Punjab region of India came to Canada on study permit in 2017-2018 by allegedly using fake offer letter from the Canadian colleges.

International students were not aware whether the offer letter was fake or not because letters were forged by their immigration consultant in India.

IRCC approved the study permit application of these students without noticing that the forgery.

CBSA cleared these students at Canadian airports without even noticing these forged documents.

Fraud consultant from India immediately informed these students that he had some disagreement with the Canadian colleges, so he will arrange admission in some other college or students are free make study choices on their own.

Without knowing, these international students took admission into different colleges based on the advise of their fraud consultant.

They completed their study and applied for work permit, and after qualifying for Canadian PR, applied under the various category.

Then, these students received removal order from Canada due to misrepresentation after 4-6 years of their original date of entry.

IRCC’s Response

On May 26, IRCC Minister Sean Fraser tweeted that their focus is identifying the culprits, but not to penalize the culprits.

“We recognize the immense contributions international students bring to our country & remain committed to supporting victims of fraud as we evaluate each case.” he tweeted.

While the immigration department is taking slow approach in finding the culprits, one of the affected student is scheduled to be deported on June 13, 2023.

International Students Deportations: NDP Calls For PR Path
Lovepreet Singh

As a result, Lovepreet Singh and other international students took to peaceful protest in front of CBSA building at 6900 Airport Road Mississauga.

Why Isn’t Government Lifting The Deportation?

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) section 40 (1)(a) defines misrepresentation as we quote “directly or indirectly misrepresenting or withholding material facts relating to a relevant matter that induces or could induce an error in the administration of this Act.”

So decision makers are going by the exact definition set in their law books.

If a decision is made in the favour of these students, then it will set a precedent and reference for similar cases in future.

However, it is also to be noted that 90% of the international students deportation cases are connected to 1 fraudulent lawyer in India who is also facing criminal charges for the same.

So, we (INC – Immigration News Canada) believe government should also factor in this fact which openly indicates that international students are also victims of the fraudulent consultant and exception should be made on compassionate grounds.

Otherwise, immigration minister can introduce a temporary public policy waiving the inadmissibility requirement for the affected student to apply for permanent residency (PR) given that bulk number of students have been affected.


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