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International Students deportation case

International Students Protesting Deportations From Canada

Last Updated On 10 June 2023, 9:01 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

International students have joined hands to protest in front of CBSA office in Mississauga to stop the deportations in fake offer letter case.

Since May 29, 2023 students have been demonstrating near 6900 Airport Road day and night without any break.

International students facing deportations met with CBSA officers and presented their demands on June 2, 2023.

Latest Update: Good news for international students facing deportation in fake offer letter case. Lovepreet Singh’s deportation has now been stayed. He will not be sent back to India on June 13.

On June 7, 2023 all-party committee on immigration voted unanimously calling on CBSA to waive inadmissibility in fake offer letter case.

Furthermore, they voted to provide an alternate permanent residence pathway through regularization program or on humanitarian basis.

In a press conference held on June 6, 2023, the Canadian Minister of Immigration stated that a procedure will be in place to enable students to demonstrate that they were innocently exploited.

He also stated that the issue of mistreatment of international pupils in Canada is “extraordinarily important.”

In addition, he stated, “In the acute phase, we must evaluate this process in order to provide a pathway for the innocent victims of fraud to remain in Canada. At the same time, we ensure that those who have been complicit in fraud cannot cannot take advantage.”

The students are continuing to protest 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until Lovepreet’s deportation order is lifted.

Lovepreet was ordered to leave Canada by June 13, 2023 in fake offer letter case, wherein he was not aware that his agent used a fraudulent document to get his study permit to Canada.

However, his deportation has now been stayed as per the latest update.

International Students Protesting Deportations From Canada
Lovepreet Singh

Predominant business owners, social media influencers, and immigration consultants are also joining the protest to support international students and stop deportation of Lovepreet Singh.

Amardeep Singh of Sky Immigration among the beginners of protest, urged the community to get together to support Lovepreet Singh and join the protest.

Bob Dosanjh Singh who ran for the office of Brampton Mayor says international students facing deportations are not at fault, rather Canadian system under Liberals is flawed.

He says that none of the international student should be deported in the fake offer letter case and calls on Canadians to come out in support of these international students.

“Some of these international students have been working and filing taxes since last 5-6 years and now receiving removal order letters is totally wrong.” he added.

Kanwar Sierah of Sierah Immigration raises that Canadian colleges are also at fault in these cases as they tie up and pay commission to the “ghost consultants” overseas who operate without any regulatory authority.

Furthermore, these colleges send their delegates overseas in education seminars of these unauthorized consultants to recruit international students. When such a Canadian delegate endorses such “ghost consultants” students trust the process and do not question the authenticity of college offer letters.

He suggests that deportation should be stopped and these students should get open work permit until an agreement is reached. Additionally, Canadian government should form a legal panel to include all the students in fake offer letter case, rather than working on individual cases.

Mani Boparai of 22G Auto Sales, Mintu Smagh of Pendu Canadian, and Govind Sandhu of RET Canada are among the leading faces in the protest.

Mintu Smagh feeling positive about this protest calls on everyone to use the hashtags #stopdeportation and #uniteforjustice on Twitter so that protest reaches Salma Zahid, Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration studies as well as other members.

On the other hand, immigration minister Sean Fraser prior to this protest tweeted that their focus is not to penalize victim international students, rather they are working on finding the actual culprits.

In similar case of Karamjeet Kaur who was ordered to leave Canada on May 29 got her order stayed at the last moment based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

Overall Canadian immigration system seems unfair in such cases given that such individuals have contributed to Canadian economy filing taxes for last 5-6 years.

Either CBSA should have caught them at entry 5-6 years ago by spotting the fake offer letter, but those documents seemed so genuine that even they believed in them.

If an IRCC visa officer or CBSA officer who are trained to catch fraudulent documents were unable to identify the fake offer letters, then how could a student would have known it.

We (INC – Immigration News Canada) have been raising the concerns of these international students since these cases were made public through our platform and would continue to stand in support of international students.

Deportation of all the international students in fake offer letter case should immediately be stayed and an exception should be made to allow them continue their life in Canada, given that these international students didn’t know about the fake offer letter and they are victims of conspiracy by their ghost consultants.

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