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Quebec Immigration Targets 2023

Here Are New Immigration Targets By Quebec For 2023

Last Updated On 15 February 2023, 1:27 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Quebec released immigration targets for 2023. As per these targets, Quebec has set a target for welcoming 39,800 to 45,150 permanent residents (PRs) under different categories. Economic immigration target is unchanged for 2023.

Quebec, with 22 percent of Canada’s population, is entitled to higher share of the annual immigration intake. According to the Canadian government’s plan, there will be 465,000 newcomers next year, which means the Quebec has the legal right to welcome 102,300 newcomers, but Quebec government has willingly chosen to only accept half of that amount.

“Immigrants bring with them a wide range of talents to Quebec and all the supports must be in place to help them integrate,” said Quebec Immigration Minister Christine Fréchette’s in a statement in French.

Quebec Economic Immigration Target 2023

Quebec will be welcoming up to 33,900 immigrants in 2023 under Economic immigration, same as Economic immigration target in 2022. However, target has increased by more than 2% for skilled workers. This change seems to be compensated from “other Economic categories” as compared to 2022 Quebec immigration targets.

In 2022, Quebec set a target of 27,400-28,800 for economic immigration and 600-800 target for “other economic categories.” However, target for “other economic categories” is now reduced to 0 – 100 for 2023.

CategoryMinimum TargetMaximum Target
Economic immigration category32,00033,900
Skilled Workers28,00029,500
Business People4,0004,300
Other Economic categories0100

Family Reunification Target 2023

Quebec has set a quota of conferring permanent residency under family reunification between 10,200 to 10,600. This is totally unchanged as compared to the 2022 targets.

CategoryMinimum TargetMaximum Target
Family Reunification10,20010,600

Quebec Refugees Immigration Target 2023

Similarly, rest of the immigration quota allocation has been unchanged by the Quebec immigration department for 2023 conversely to the Canada’s aggressive immigration levels plan announced on November 1, 2022. Below listed are the rest of the target by Quebec for 2023.

CategoryMinimum TargetMaximum Target
Refugees and people in similar situations6,9007,500
Refugees selected abroad4,4004,700
State-supported refugees1,6501,700
Sponsored refugees2,7503,000
Refugee recognized in Canada2,5002,800
Other immigration categories400500


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