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Quebec Arrima Draw December 2022

Latest Quebec Arrima Draw Sent 513 New Invites For PR

Last Updated On 15 February 2023, 1:28 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Quebec held a new Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP) draw and invited 513 candidates for permanent residence on December 1, 2022. The draw invited those with scores equal to or higher than 589 points. The extraction from the Arrima bank will take place on November 28, 2022, at 6:30 a.m.

Furthermore, the draw targeted applicants with a legitimate job offer outside the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community in one of the below listed occupations. Check out in later part of this post/article score calculation criteria.

  • List of Occupations invited in December 1 Arrima draw
    • 0213 – Computer systems managers
    • 2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
    • 2131 – Civil Engineers
    • 2132 – Mechanical Engineers
    • 2133 – Electrical and electronics engineers
    • 2141 – Industrial and manufacturing engineers
    • 2231 – Civil engineering technologists and technicians
    • 2232 – Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians
    • 2233 – Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians
    • 2171 – Computer analysts and consultants
    • 2172 – Database Analysts and Data Administrators
    • 2173 – Software Engineers and Designers
    • 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers
    • 2175 – Web Designers and Developers
    • 2241 – Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologists and Technicians
    • 2281 – Computer network technicians
    • 2282 – User Support Agents
    • 3012 – Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
    • 3233 – Practical nurses
    • 3413 – Caregivers/Aids and Beneficiary Attendants
    • 4031 – Secondary school teachers
    • 4032 – Elementary and preschool teachers
    • 4214 – Early childhood educators and assistants
    • 5241 – Graphic designers and illustrators
    • 6221 – Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale

What is Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program? 

If you want to immigrate to Quebec to work permanently, the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP) is for you.

To apply to this program, you must first express your interest in immigrating to Quebec. Then, if your profile matches the criteria required in Quebec, you will get an invitation to apply for permanent selection. 

Next, to be selected, you must have professional skills and training that will help boost your employment integration in Quebec. Additional factors for consideration include the following: 

  • Language abilities 
  • Age 
  • Spouse characteristics
  • Having dependents such as children 

Score Calculation For Quebec Arrima Draw

Foreign nationals are categorized to identify the best applicant who will receive an invitation to apply for permanent selection. These candidates are ranked based on the following Human Capital factors. 

1. Knowledge of French 


2. Knowledge of English and French 


3. Points for Age 


4. Length of professional experience 


5. Level of education


Responding to Quebec’s labour requirements  

Length of experience in the profession and workforce diagnosis 

Workforce diagnostic for the profession is understood in terms of the list of medium-term diagnoses for the 500 professions in the current National Occupational Classification.

For the invitation, the profession is distinguished from full-time employment on the extraction date from the interest bank expression.

To be considered, experience in the profession must have been obtained within the five years preceding the date of extraction from the expression of interest bank.


1. Field of training 


2. Québec diploma


3. Professional experience duration in Québec 


4. Professional experience duration in Canada (outside Québec)


5. Valid job offer 


Points classification for spouse or de-facto spouse 

Level of education 


2. Quebec diploma 


Source: Gouvernement du Québec

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