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Canada Ended Vaccine Mandates For Outbound International Flights W.E.F. Jun 20!

Confidential sources already revealed on June 13, that Canada was set to announce an end to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates today. As expected, Transport minister, Omar Alghabra announced ending of vaccine mandates w.e.f. June 20, for

  • Passengers boarding outbound flights and trains.
  • Employers in these sectors and other federally regulated departments will also no longer need employees to be fully vaccinated.

Last week, Transport Canada temporarily suspended mandatory random COVID-19 testing at all airports for vaccinated travellers effective from June 11.

Now, the Federal government removed vaccine mandates for domestic and outbound international travel. This means passengers who are planning to travel via train or departing on an international flight, no longer need to prove they are fully vaccinated.

Requirement for vaccinations suspended for domestic and outbound travel
  • As of June 20, 2022, at 00:01 EDT, vaccination will no longer be a requirement to board a plane or train in Canada.
  • This change does not affect border measures that require all travellers entering Canada to continue following entry requirements, including vaccination.
  • Other public health measures, such as wearing a mask, continue to apply and will be enforced throughout a traveller’s journey on a plane or train.
  • Given the unique nature of cruise ships, including the fact that passengers are in close contact with each other for extended periods of time, vaccination against COVID-19 is still required for passengers and crew on cruise ships.
  • Adherence to strict public health requirements on cruise ships will still be required.
Federally regulated transportation sector workers
  • As of June 20, 2022, at 00:01 EDT, employers in the federally regulated air, rail, and marine sectors will no longer be required to have mandatory vaccination policies in place for employees.
  • Employers will be responsible for establishing return-to-work practices.
  • Furthermore, the Government of Canada is no longer moving forward with the proposed regulations to make vaccination mandatory in all federally regulated workplaces.
Masking Requirements
  • Travellers on federally regulated planes and trains continue to be required to wear a mask throughout their journey except for brief periods (e.g., eating or drinking).
  • Passengers on cruise ships will be expected to follow the masking requirements and other hygiene measures as directed by the ship’s crew, regardless of whether they are foreign or domestic.

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