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Canada UK Youth mobility agreement

Canada Signs New Youth Mobility Agreement With UK

Last Updated On 14 July 2023, 4:59 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Today, the Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and the UK Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick signed a new Youth Mobility Arrangement between Canada and the UK.

Through International Experience Canada (IEC) and the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme, more Canadian and British young people will be able to work in each other’s country for longer periods of time.

Canada and the UK plan to put the new deal into effect in 2024 IEC season.

The new deal builds on an existing partnership for youth movement that started in 2008 with improvements:

International youth movement gives young people the chance to learn about new countries, languages, and societies while improving their life skills and future job possibilities.

Canada has signed deals for youth movement with 37 countries and foreign territories.

Canada has a target of inviting nearly 90,000 young people from partner countries and regions for the 2023 season.

So far 10,845 British citizens received invitations to apply for open work permit under Working Holiday category in 2023.

This growth will help Canadian businesses find the people they need and ease wage gaps across the country.

What is International Experience Canada (IEC)?

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a program that lets young people from both Canada and other countries visit and work in each other’s countries.

There are three categories under IEC:

1. Working Holiday Visa: Participants in Working Holiday get an open work pass that lets them work anywhere in the host country to pay for their trips.

2. International Co-op (internship): Participants in an International Co-op (internship) get a work permit for specific employers that lets them get experience in their field of study.

3. Young Professionals: Participants in Young Professionals get a employer-specific work permit that lets them do professional work in their field of study or career plan.


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Canada Signs New Youth Mobility Agreement With UK