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IRCC Backlog December latest data

Canada Immigration Backlog Drops To 918,300

Last Updated On 24 January 2023, 4:26 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Finally, the Canada immigration backlog drops below 1 million. As per new updated IRCC data, overall backlog has now reduced to 918,300.

Additionally, 1.055 million applications are still being processed within IRCC service standards. This number has increased from 1.02 million since November 30 data.

The backlog has been continuously reducing since September 30, 2022 as follows:

DateBacklogTotal Applications
Under Processing
December 31, 2022918,3001,973,800
November 30, 20221,086,2002,111,400
October 31, 20221,202,7902,239,700
September 30, 20221,322,5002,610,700

Overall, there were 1.97 million applications that were being processed at IRCC. This data has been updated by IRCC today and is true as of December 31, 2022.

IRCC minister confirmed that backlog data is different from service standard data.

For example, if spousal sponsorship specifies a processing period of 12 months, an application that is being processed within 12 months is “NOT” a backlog. Rather, it will be classified as standard processing.

However, if it surpasses the 12-month service requirement, it is referred to as a backlog.

It should be noted that IRCC’s goal is to complete 80% of applications within service standards. Click here to view the category-wise IRCC service standards.

Application TypeOverall Processing InventoryBacklogWithin Service Standards
Permanent Residence620,800361,300259,500
Temporary Residence1,052,000472,000580,000

Below are the category-wise Canada Immigration backlog projections by IRCC

1. Federal High Skilled Backlog

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2289%
Feb 2292%
Mar 2298%
Apr 2299%
May 22100%
Jun 22100%
Jul 2299%
Aug 2290%86%
Sep 2268%72%
Oct 2245%59%
Nov 2231%46%
Dec 2222%20%
Jan 2320%
Feb 2320%
Mar 2320%

2. Provincial Nominee Program (Express Entry) Backlog

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2256%
Feb 2255%
Mar 2254%
Apr 2251%
May 2247%
Jun 2245%
Jul 2243%
Aug 2242%39%
Sep 2240%35%
Oct 2242%31%
Nov 2242%28%
Dec 2241%20%
Jan 2340%
Feb 2339%
Mar 2338%

3. Spouses, Partners and children applications Backlog

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2234%
Feb 2232%
Mar 2230%
Apr 2229%
May 2227%
Jun 2227%
Jul 2226%
Aug 2225%24%
Sep 2225%23%
Oct 2224%22%
Nov 2224%20%
Dec 2224%19%
Jan 2324%
Feb 2324%
Mar 2324%

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4. Citizenship Backlog

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2246%
Feb 2245%
Mar 2242%
Apr 2240%
May 2239%
Jun 2237%
Jul 2234%
Aug 2231%31%
Sep 2231%30%
Oct 2228%29%
Nov 2227%27%
Dec 2228%26%
Jan 2326%
Feb 2325%
Mar 2324%

5. Study Permits Backlog

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2242%
Feb 2234%
Mar 2227%
Apr 2232%
May 2231%
Jun 2230%
Jul 2231%
Aug 2238%39%
Sep 2231%42%
Oct 2226%33%
Nov 2227%31%
Dec 2233%33%
Jan 2336%
Feb 2333%
Mar 2323%

6. Work Permits Backlog

**As per IRCC, approximately 73% of work permits applications are from the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel.

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2248%
Feb 2251%
Mar 2229%
Apr 2223%
May 2226%
Jun 2228%
Jul 2228%
Aug 2234%29%
Sep 2227%35%
Oct 2223%49%
Nov 2228%55%
Dec 2226%60%
Jan 2358%
Feb 2347%
Mar 2330%

7. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Visitor Visa Backlog

**As per IRCC, approximately 20% of temporary resident visa or visitor visa applications are from the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel.

MonthBacklog (Actual)Backlog (Projected)
Jan 2270%
Feb 2274%
Mar 2255%
Apr 2255%
May 2256%
Jun 2271%
Jul 2267%
Aug 2271%68%
Sep 2274%71%
Oct 2274%70%
Nov 2270%67%
Dec 2270%66%
Jan 2377%
Feb 2376%
Mar 2373%

Source: IRCC official website

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