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international students Study Permit Extension & Status Restoration

Know About Study Permit Extension And Status Restoration

Last Updated On 13 April 2023, 10:22 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Study Permit Extension And Status Restoration: When you receive your study permit, it indicates when you must complete your studies and leave Canada.

However, if you want to remain in Canada, you must either extend your study permit or restore your temporary status. 

You would generally have 90 days or 3 months from your study permit expiration date to either extend, restore, or change your status. 

To help you with your journey, below are some frequently asked questions about study permit extensions and restoration. 

How to find your study permit expiration date? 

The expiration date on your study permit indicates when you must finish studying and leave Canada.

You can find your study permit expiry date in the top right corner of your study permit. Typically, the expiry date is the same length as your study program plus 90 days.

These additional 90 days are for you to either prepare to depart Canada or extend your stay. 

When does the 90-day period begin for study permit holders?

The 90-day period begins:

  • On the date, you receive notification from your school (such as an email, letter, transcript, or other forms of notification) indicating you have completed your program or
  • When you obtain your diploma, degree, or certificate

If you can’t confirm when your school first contacted you, IRCC may use the earliest issue date on the document and may confirm the date with your school. 

When to extend your study permit? 

If your study permit is approaching its expiration date and you want to continue studying in Canada, ensure that you apply for a study permit extension at least 30 days before your current study permit expires.

Here are a few things to consider when applying for a study permit extension

  • Ensure that your passport and visa do not expire at the same time
    • It is because your study permit cannot be extended beyond the expiration date of your passport.
    •  If you apply before your permit expires, you can continue to study under the same conditions as your current permit until a decision is made on your application. This is only valid if you are in Canada.

What would be your study permit expiration date if you complete your studies sooner or later than expected? 

If you complete your studies sooner than expected, your study permit will expire on the following dates, whichever comes first:

  • The date expiry date mentioned on your permit, or
  • 90 days after the completion of your study

Similarly, if you complete your studies later than expected, you must apply for your study permit extension at least 30 days before your current permit expires. 

What should you do if your permit has expired?

If you want to continue studying in Canada, but your study permit has expired, you must apply for a new one. 

However, since your permit has expired and you no longer hold a temporary residence status, you must also apply to restore your temporary status in Canada. 

Therefore if you have an expired study permit and would like to continue studying, you must do the following: 

  • Apply for a new study permit and
  • Restore your temporary residence status in Canada.

Remember, if your permit has expired, you can stay in Canada but cannot study until your status has been restored and you have received a new study permit. 

What are your options if you wish to remain in Canada but not as a student? 

If you wish to remain in Canada but not as a student, below are your alternatives. 

  • If you have completed your studies and are eligible, apply for a post-graduate work permit.
  • Apply to change your status and remain in Canada as a visitor, or  
  • The last option is to leave Canada

Moreover, you must leave Canada if your study permit expires and you haven’t requested to extend or restore your temporary status.

Source: IRCC


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