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Saskatchewan PNP Draw December 21

Saskatchewan PNP Sent 468 New Invites For PR – December 21

Last Updated On 30 December 2022, 7:08 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Today, the Saskatchewan PNP draw, also known as the SINP draw (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program), sent 468 new new invites for permanent residency (PR).

This draw invited 109 NOC codes as compared to 119 NOC codes in December 15, 2022 draw.

Cut off score reduced by 2 points for Express Entry category and Occupation In-Demand category as compared to the previous draw.

Below are the full details of the draw along with invited NOC codes.

Saskatchewan PNP Draw – December 21 Full Details

CategoryCut-OffNumber of Invites
Express Entry80153
Occupation In-Demand80315

Invited NOC Codes

Invited NOCs
00012, 00013, 00015, 10010, 10011, 10012, 10020, 10021, 10022, 10029, 11101, 11102, 11109, 11200, 11201, 11202, 12010, 12011, 12013, 12100, 12101, 12102, 12111, 12200, 13100, 13101, 13102, 13110, 13111, 13112, 20010, 20012, 21101, 21110, 21120, 21200, 21210, 21211, 21221, 21222, 21223, 21230, 21231, 21232, 21234, 21300, 21301, 21310, 21311, 21320, 21399, 22100, 22101, 22110, 22111, 22211, 22220, 22221, 22222, 22232, 22300, 22301, 22310, 31200, 31203, 32120, 33101, 33103, 40030, 41200, 41210, 41300, 41320, 41400, 41401, 41402, 41403, 41404, 42202, 42203, 43100, 43109, 60010, 60030, 60031, 60040, 62022, 62024, 62029, 62100, 62101, 63102, 63200, 70010, 70012, 72014, 72021, 72106, 72200, 73209, 80010, 80020, 82021, 82030, 90010, 92011, 92012, 92100, 93101

Click here for last SINP Draw

SINP allows the applicants outside Canada to apply directly under both the categories. Also having an express entry profile is not mandatory to apply.

However, there is a list of NOC codes that are ineligible to apply for SINP. Check in the later part of this article to calculate your score.

Saskatchewan implemented new NOC codes (TEER system) on November 16, 2022 and here is how you can find your occupations’ code.

Saskatchewan PNP Ineligibility?

People with the certain occupations (NOC Codes) are excluded from applying to the Occupations In-Demand (OID) and Express Entry (EE) program. 

Click here for list of excluded occupations for SINP. This list is updated as of November 16 with implementation of New TEER system (NOC 2021)

How To Calculate Your Scores For Saskatchewan PNP Draw:

(Sourced from SINP website)

Additionally, To be eligible for SINP Occupation In-Demand and Express Category, you need to score 60. Also, maximum score that can be earned are 110 points in SINP assessment grid:

Master’s or Doctorate degree (Canadian equivalency).23
Bachelor’s degree OR at least a three-year degree at a university or college.20
Trade certification equivalent to journeyperson status in Saskatchewan.20
Canadian equivalency diploma that requires two (but less than three) years at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other post-secondary institution.15
Canadian equivalency certificate or at least two semesters, but less than a two-year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other post-secondary institution.12
Your work experience must relate to the job you have put on your application.One year of work experience equals 12 full months.
a) Work experience in the 5 years prior to application submission date.
5 years10
4 years8
3 years6
2 years4
1 year2
b) In the 6-10 years prior to application submission date.
5 years5
4 years4
3 years3
2 years2
Less than 1 year0


Click here for language equivalency chart.
a) First Language Test (English or French) 
CLB 8 and higher20
CLB 718
CLB 616
CLB 514
CLB 412
English or French speaker without language test results.0
b) Second Language Test (English or French) 
 CLB 8 or higher10 
 CLB 7
 CLB 6
 CLB 5
 CLB 4
 Not Applicable
Less than 18 years0
18 – 21 years8
22 – 34 years12
35 – 45 years10
46 – 50 years8
More than 50 years0

Points are given for having a connection to the Saskatchewan labour market. This shows your ability to successfully settle in Saskatchewan as a permanent resident.
The following points are for the Employment Offer subcategory only:
High skilled employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer30
The following points are for the Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan Express Entry subcategories only
Close family relative in Saskatchewan
The applicant or accompanying spouse has a family relative that is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Saskatchewan. This includes a: parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, first cousin and step-family members or in-laws of the same relationships. The family members in Saskatchewan must meet the requirements as listed under “Required Documents” for your ISW sub-category.
Past work experience in Saskatchewan
At least 12 months of work in the past five years on a valid work permit.
Past student experience in Saskatchewan
At least one full-time academic year at a recognized Saskatchewan post-secondary education institution on a valid study permit.

How To Apply For SINP?

Click here to submit an online application for SINP, if you fulfill the above mentioned criteria. If you have any further questions/query, click here.

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