Parents and Grandparents Program – Here Are Two Alternatives

parents and grandparents program
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Canada government acknowledges the fact that parents and grandparents are very instrumental for immigrant families. However, government’s way of allowing old parents or grandparent to live with their children is diplomatic. Canada welcomes parents and Grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents under their specific sponsorship program.

This is a very popular program of the government particularly among the immigrant communities. But, only very few lucky parents get invitation through this program. As a result, immigrants are either having video calls with their parents or booking flights for their parents so that they can come and visit them.

An overview of the Parents and Grandparents program 

Parents Grandparents Program is an income based program. It requires the sponsor to meet the income requirements for the past three years based on their family size. The eligibility is determined considering the Notice of Assessment of sponsor.

However, it can accommodate more than one sponsor. In this case, the cosigner can be a spouse or common law partner of sponsor whose income can be added to make up the required income. But, there is limitation to this program since Canada has policy of inviting only few of them.

How does this Lottery System work?

Initially, the parents and grandparents sponsorship programs worked differently. Government used to cap number of applications to process based on first come first serve method. Thus, applications received after the quota was filled, would be returned unprocessed.

However, now the system has changed to lottery model. Now sponsors have opportunities to apply for intent to sponsor through the web form when application opens. Then, out of the pool of sponsors who intend to apply, government makes a random selection of invitees.

These invitees can apply to sponsor the parents following the detailed process. If you are chosen, you are very lucky as the program is very competitive considering the facts that there are a lot of applications are lined up in the pool. Canada immigration levels 2022 – 2024 is aiming to welcome average 28,500 PGP annually. This quite low given the number of eligible applicants.

What if you are left behind? Any Options ?

If you are not invited in lucky draw, there are basically two alternatives you may want to consider-

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate – Even though, this is not a regular track program for parents and grandparents but in some special circumstances, it can be an option. Again, every case in this category is unique and needs an experts’ advice to assess your case on individual basis. If considered, through this program, there is a possibility that your parents and grandparents become the permanent resident of Canada. 
  • Super Visa –Supervisa works perfect for some families, as there is no cap in this program. A well done application has very high success rate of approval as well. This is again an income based program and allows your parents and grandparents to stay with you five years in a row. Additionally, with extensions they may stay longer. A major criterion to fulfill is the insurance coverage of $100,000 which is required upfront. 
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parents and grandparents program
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