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OINP - Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

OINP Sent 30 New Invites For PR Under Entrepreneur Stream!

On August 16, 2022 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) sent 30 invitations to apply under the Entrepreneur Stream. Expressions of interest sent by August 8, 2022 were considered in this draw. Invites were sent to the profiles having a score between 138 and 160.

As per OINP, applicants receiving an invitation to apply will get 2 additional emails. One will be containing the login information and the second will provide instructions for submitting an application.

Furthermore, if applicant receive an email stating “your expression of interest was eligible to receive an invitation to apply but did not receive an invitation to apply this round.” Then it means your score was less than 138. Expression of interest will continue to be valid for next 12 months and you will be considered for upcoming draws.

There are two stages to the Entrepreneur Stream application procedure.

Stage 1

  • Send an email expressing your interest.
  • Submit an online application if selected.
  • Appear in person for a required interview with your business partner (if applicable).
  • Sign a performance agreement, if your stage 1 application is accepted.

Stage 2

  • OINP issue a temporary work permit support letter. Using this letter, applicants will need to submit an application for a temporary work permit to IRCC.
  • Create your business: You have 20 months from the moment you arrive in Ontario to put your business plan into action and submit a final report.
  • OINP requests proof from you to confirm that you are qualified for nomination for permanent residence, if your business satisfies all conditions.

Click here to download full guide including eligibility and point calculator for Entrepreneur stream.

Ineligible types of business

Keep in mind your prospective business is not one of the below-listed ineligible classifications before you begin the application process:

  • automated car wash business
  • holding companies
  • laundromats
  • pawnbrokers
  • pay day loan and related businesses
  • scrap metal recycling
  • tire recycling
  • a business involved in producing, distributing or selling pornography or sexually explicit products or services, or providing sexually oriented services
  • businesses which have been previously owned or operated by a current or former OINP Entrepreneur Stream nominee or a nominee under the former investor component of the Opportunities Ontario program

The following kinds of businesses are also ineligible if your prospective business will be based in the Greater Toronto Area:

  • existing franchises in Ontario (new foreign franchises expanding into Ontario are permitted)
  • gas stations
  • bed and breakfasts

Source: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

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