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Bill C-19: Amendments To Express Entry-All You Need To Know

Understanding New Changes To Express Entry With Bill C19 – All You Need To Know

Last Updated On 8 March 2023, 9:31 AM EST (Toronto Time)

As Bill C19 receives royal assent, the Express Entry system will undergo several amendments.

These new amendments will bring changes to the Comprehensive Ranking System used to evaluate and rank individuals in the pool.  

Express Entry includes all major economic immigration categories, such as the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and a component of the Provincial Nominee Program, which will experience changes under Bill C-19 in 2023.  

Another impact would be on the expression of interest that selects top-ranking candidates through regularly released Ministry instructions.

These candidates are later invited to complete an immigration application.  

To help you prepare for the new changes, below is the summary of amendments in Bill C-19 to the Express Entry system and fee waiver for some IRCC applications. 

Summary of Bill C-19 Amendments To Express Entry

Express Entry Selection based on new groups and categories 

The new amendment will include ministerial instructions to bring additional filters to the Express Entry pool based on groups and categories rather than only immigration class. The ministerial instructions serve as the foundation for the rounds of invites.

Express Entry ITAs to specify the stream in which the applicant must apply

Another amendment is to create new categories with eligibility requirements for the purpose of ranking.

Wherein if a foreign national qualifies for more than one class, the invitation to apply for permanent residence should specify the stream in which the applicant must apply. 

Minister to specify an economic goal with each category 

The new amendment also requires the Minister to specify in the instruction the economic goal that the newly established category will support. 

Applicants who have lost points due to age can receive a permanent resident visa 

The amendment establishes exclusions that allow Express Entry permanent residence visas to be given to candidates who have received an invitation to apply but would otherwise have lost eligibility due to changes in their circumstances. 

For example, suppose an applicant has aged and lost points or lost qualification but has maintained a score equal to the minimum required to rank in the invitation round. In that case, they may be awarded a visa or other documents. 

Minister’s report to include established category for foreign nationals

The amendment adds that the Minister’s annual report to Parliament must include instructions to establish any category for foreign nationals in Express Entry.

These instructions should include the economic goal it supports and the number of invitations issued under this category. 

More details on Bill C-19 will be revealed, along with the new exact categories, its eligibility criteria in coming months.

Changes Under Bill C-19 For Fees Of Some Applications

The Canada Gazette typically outlines regulations and publishes immigration fees. However, for any changes in immigration fees, they need to go through regulatory impact analysis and have stakeholder input before implementation.  

Moreover, processing applications for a temporary resident visa, a permanent resident visa, a work permit, a study permit, an extension of an authorization to remain in Canada as a temporary resident, and an authorization to stay 59 Bill C-19 in Canada as a permanent resident are already exempt from the Service Fees Act.

Other fees for services, such as those associated with processing applications based on humanitarian and compassionate considerations, are exempt.

These include applications submitted under public policy, services to obtain travel documents for permanent residents, including permanent resident cards, and services associated with the processing of applications to sponsor members of the family class.

With Bill C-19, the following new service fees would become exempt:

  • Authorization for a permanent resident to return to Canada;
  • Rehabilitation for determining criminality and serious criminality 
  • Temporary status restoration and 
  • Temporary resident permits

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