Manitoba To Have New Minimum Wage Of $15/Hr By October 2023

Canada Minimum Wages
Canada Minimum Wages

If you live in Canada or are planning to move to Canada, here is something you should know. Each province in Canada has a different minimum wage depending on its rules and regulations.

Recently, the Manitoba government announced that the minimum wage is going to increase.

The change will be effective this fall. So, if you live in Manitoba or are planning to move there, this is good news for you. 

Currently, the minimum wage in Manitoba is $13.50 per hour.

Moreover, the government has announced a further increase of 65 cents in April 2023. So, the minimum wage will become $14.15 per hour by April 2023. 

But that is not all. The province has also planned another adjustment on October 1, 2023.

This will make the total minimum wage $15 next year. After this increase, Manitoba will return to the indexed process. 

Thus, these increases will put Manitoba at par with the minimum wages in provinces and territories across the country.

“We know that to attract and retain new workers and immigrants in Manitoba, wages need to be competitive with other provinces.”

Premier Heather Stefanson

Moreover, the Manitoba government also said that it will be discussing this change with small businesses. It will consult with them about how this change affects them. Also, the government is looking into support programs to ease the burden of the payroll. 

Minimum wages across Canada

Based on the Consumer Price Index, the federal minimum wage in Canada is $15.55 per hour. This means that if you work in a federally-regulated sector like banks, postal services, etc. you get $15.55 per hour. However, if your provincial minimum rate is more than this, you will get a higher rate. 

The minimum wage for each province is listed below-

Province Effective October 1, 2022 (Min Wage per hour) Current Minimum Wage Per Hour
Manitoba $13.50$11.95
New Brunswick $13.75$12.75
Nova Scotia $13.60$13.35
Newfoundland & Labrador$13.70$13.20
Alberta $15.00$15.00
British Columbia $15.65$15.65
Quebec $14.25$14.25
Prince Edward Island$13.70$13.70
Northwest Territories $15.20$15.20


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