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Know How Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) Works!

Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway – Eligibility & How To Apply

Last Updated On 12 January 2023, 9:13 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is for people with demonstrated farm business experience, enough accessible funds to invest, and who want to start and run a farm in rural Manitoba.

Successful FIP applicants are expected to create a farm business in rural Manitoba, providing primary goods consistent with the province’s present farm industry.

In addition, the operation and investment must be consistent with provincial data and relevant to Manitoba’s farm business. 

The new FIP replaces the previous Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative. In this article, you can learn about the Farm Investor Pathway eligibility criteria and how to apply. 

Eligibility Criteria for Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)

To apply for the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP), you must meet the following requirements. 

Must Possess Farm Business Experience

To be eligible, the applicant must have a minimum of three years of farm ownership and operating experience accompanied by verified documentation.

Have Official Languages Proficiency

Language skills in either of Canada’s two official languages are considered an essential adaptability skill that will enhance your capacity to become economically established in rural Manitoba by the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP).

Farm Business Investment Requirements 

As an interested candidate, you must invest a minimum of CAD 300,000 in establishing a farming business in rural Manitoba.

Investments in farm businesses must be in eligible tangible assets as specified by the MPNP. In addition, a farm business plan is necessary and must be submitted with the application.

However, investing in a farm business solely to generate passive investment income or speculative gains is not permitted.

Conducting Business Research Visit for potential farms

Farm business research visits to Manitoba must be conducted. 

Must handle Farm Business Activities

In rural Manitoba, a farm business entity should engage in regular and recurrent business activity.

You must reside on the farm and actively manage the farm company from within Manitoba on an ongoing basis. Moreover, the farm must be actively producing primary agriculture and be economically viable.

You must conduct value-added farm business activities in Manitoba to qualify for the MPNP. The MPNP does not allow for a purely speculative activity or the use of third-party farm managers.

Possess Economic Establishment Adaptability

You must show adaptability in terms of practical farming abilities, technical knowledge, and experience in technologically based farming operations that will directly transfer to Manitoba’s present primary agricultural producing industry.

You must show that you can adapt, particularly to practical farming abilities, technical knowledge, and experience in technologically based agricultural practices that will directly transfer to Manitoba’s present major farm-producing industry.

Have the required net worth 

You must have a minimum of CAD 500,000 as net worth. The MPNP may ask an authorized third-party service provider to confirm your financial status and net worth.

Within 120 days of receiving your invitation to apply, you must submit your application to the MPNP and the verification report, if requested.

Who is not eligible to apply to Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)?

The following individuals are ineligible to apply to the Farm Investor Pathway (FIP):

  • Individuals who have applied for asylum or are engaged in a federal appeals or removal process
  • Live-in caregivers currently residing in Canada
  • Foreign temporary workers who are living and working in a province other than Manitoba
  • spouses of permanent residents or citizens of Canada
  • People who have recently been rejected by the MPNP and who are unable to address the reason(s) for rejection
  • Those who have a pending application for immigration through a Canadian federal or provincial immigration program.
    • Remember that an Express Entry profile is not an immigration application.

How to apply for Farm Investor Pathway? 

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has initiated an interim paper-based application procedure for the Business Investor Stream Farm Investor Pathway (FIP). The forms listed below are used in the interim procedure. This procedure will be followed until all technical changes to the MPNP Online system have been completed.

Overview of the application procedure

These steps outline the application process for the MPNP Farm Investor Pathway. Steps 1-3 are about expressing your interest in applying and steps 4-7 are about completing an application and meeting the nomination criteria. Download the Farm Investor Pathway Guidelines Kit for more information.

Step 1: Investigate and research agricultural business opportunities in Manitoba

  • Verify that you meet the Farm Investor Pathway’s minimum requirements.
  • Fill out the Farm Investor Pathway Interest Guidelines Form.
  • You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements to go to the next phase.
    • Please pay special attention to adaptability, particularly concerning your practical farming abilities, technical knowledge, and experience in technologically based agricultural practices that will directly transfer to Manitoba’s present primary farm-producing industry. Regarding technology utilization, technological practices, scale, equipment utilized, production output, and so on, your existing farm operation must be comparable to current Manitoba farming enterprises.

Step 2: Finish filling out the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms

  • Investigate and research Manitoba for your potential agricultural business.
  • You may fill out a Farm Business Concept Form based on your investigation, research findings, and self-assessment of the FIP eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Submit your Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms to the MPNP

  • You can email your forms to the MPNP once you have completed your farm business investigation and determined that you are eligible for the FIP. The following forms must be completed:
    • Your Interest Guidelines Form;
    • Farm Business Concept Form; and,
    • The Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives, if appropriate, 
    • You will receive a response via email. Your business proposal will not be examined if you do not match the minimum stream qualification standards. Please keep in mind that this is not an application to the MPNP.

Step 4: Send your complete application to the MPNP

  • You will get an email with detailed instructions if you have been sent a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) to the MPNP.
    • A request for verification of your net worth and financial information by a specified third-party service provider may be included in your LAA.
  • Read and follow the Document Checklist and Instructions.
  • All provincial and federal forms must be submitted electronically (through email). These forms will not be accepted in hard copy.
  • Physical copies of supporting papers (hard copies) can be mailed or delivered in person.

Step 5: Application evaluation

  • The MPNP will review your application, and an interview may be required.
  • You will be issued a nomination certificate if your application passes all of the MPNP’s requirements.
  • If your candidacy is approved, you will be asked to sign a Deposit Agreement and send a CAD$75,000 deposit.

Step 6: Apply for permanent residence

  • Once nominated, you can apply for permanent residence with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • If IRCC approves your application, you will be granted a permanent resident visa.

Step 7: Set up your farm business in Manitoba

  • Within 30 days of becoming a Permanent Resident, notify the MPNP with your updated contact information.
  • The Immigration Programs Branch’s MPNP Business Immigration Officers can provide you with information, feedback, and guidance.

For more details, visit the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway official page.


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