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Canada Immigration News - Canada/U.K.

Know Reasons Why Canada Is Great Match for Residents Of U.K.

Each year thousands of people move to Canada in search of better opportunities. Canada is an attractive place to live, work, and thrive for people around the world. Also, if you are looking to move to a country with a rich technology ecosystem, Canada should be one of your top choices.

According to the Irish Immigration Centre, 7,000 Irish newcomers are welcomed to Canada each year. Furthermore, between 6,000 and 10,000 U.K. citizens become permanent residents of Canada annually.

The number of tech talent workers has increased 22.5% in the past five years. Thus, outpacing the national average by 7.1%. Additionally, U.K and Ireland are also highly ranked for their deep technology capabilities.

This means that the skillsets, educational requirements, and experience levels are likely an easy fit when it comes to filling open tech roles in Canada. However, even if you are not from a tech background, here are a few reasons why Canada is a great match for newcomers from the U.K. and Ireland:

1. Better Work/Life Balance

Canada is famous its high quality of life. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada ranks highly in its OECD Indicators of a Talent Attractiveness tool. This captures the strengths and weaknesses of countries regarding their capacity to attract and retain highly educated workers, foreign entrepreneurs, and university students.

Moreover, the working conditions in Canada are better than those in UK and Ireland.  The average Canadian works a total of 35.8 hours in a week. In comparison, people in the U.K. work an average of 42.5 hours.

2. Better Integration As Newcomers

Also, newcomers from the U.K. and western Europe tend to find more success in the Canadian labor market than their counterparts from other regions in the world. This is because newcomers who attained their highest level of education or had their last residence in the U.K. have a high probability of receiving recognition for work experience and credentials compared to some other countries.

3. Amazing work benefits

Lastly, Canada has amazing work benefits. These include paid parental and annual leave as well as various others like sick and caregiving leave. There are also benefits for the self-employed. Additionally, you can also benefit from employment insurance (EI) if you lose your job. Or if you are not able to earn because of situations out of your control.

So, Canada is very attractive to newcomers, from around the globe, including those from Ireland and the U.K.