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Canada Express Entry – Know About New Changes In Bill C-19!

Last Updated On 8 March 2023, 9:26 AM EST (Toronto Time)

The new Bill C-19 is part of the Liberal’s budget that will be bringing significant changes to the Express Entry system.

Below is the summary of changes to the Express Entry System as per the new Bill C-19.

What Exactly Does The Proposed Amendments To Express Entry in Bill C-19

Clause 377 is proposed to amend section 10.3(1)(h) to 10.3(1)(j) of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to add a new ministerial instructions that further add to the criteria of rounds of invitations.

This new addition should provide groupings and categories under already existing classes of express entry draw.

The amendment wants the IRCC minister’s instructions to provide more sub filters on the basis of which invitations were issued.

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Current Section 10.3(1)(h) to 10.3(1)(j)

A speculative example (just for understanding purpose): Rounds of invitation should not only say “no program specified” or “Canadian Experience Class.”

Rather should additionally mention subcategories and groups. Such as Express entry draw “no program specified” should have further groups and categories probably as mentioned below, rather than CRS cut off just saying 350.

  • Profiles With Job Offer: CRS cut off 500 – Number of invitations: 200
  • Francophones: CRS cut off 350 – Number of invitations: 500
  • Profiles With Provincial Nominations: CRS cut off 800 – Number of invitations: 600
  • Without job offer: CRS cut off 450 – Number of invitations 1,200
  • NOC 2171, 2172: CRS cut off 390 – Number of invitations 600
Please note that these are just examples from our speculation for understanding purpose. Actual group or categories by IRCC will be totally different from the above if sections are amended.

Second proposed amendment under Clause 377(2) wants the IRPA to add new section 10.3(1)(h.2) which would define the categories for ranking purpose and also specify the eligibility criteria for those categories.

Furthermore, another section 10.3(j.1) should be added which should govern that ITA (invitation to apply) must specify under which category invited applicant should apply, if they qualify under one or more categories.

Third amendment under Clause 377(3) also wants to add a new section 10.3(1.1) in IRPA which will direct IRCC minister to provide economic justification for the categories created in Clause 377 (2). Minister will need to provide economic goals that new categories will be addressing.

These major amendments are part of the government’s budget bill, still being debated in Parliament. It grants Immigration Minister Sean Fraser the authority to designate specific jobs or skills as high priorities. The proposed changes aim at addressing Canada’s labour shortage. 

“There are new flexibilities proposed to the Express Entry system that will allow the Minister of Immigration — me today, but whoever my successor may be — certain flexibilities in targeting people who are going to a particular region, filling a particular need in the labour force or meeting certain criteria.” IRCC Minister Sean Fraser (June 14, 2022 after the reading of Bill C-19.

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