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7 Most Affordable Cities For Students Across Canada

Know 7 Most Affordable Cities For Students In Canada!

Renting major cities like Toronto and Vancouver is becoming difficult for many students and young professionals. However, if you want to live in a city without emptying your wallet, below is the list of the seven most affordable cities across Canada.

1. Ottawa, Ontario

Average rent: $1378

Two of Canada’s top universities, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, are located in the vibrant city of Ottawa. In addition, the city has many eateries and unique cafes in the downtown centre. However, Little Italy, Osgoode Street, Centretown, and Old Ottawa South are places you can browse for affordable apartments. A one-bedroom apartment is approximately $1378. 

2. Montreal, Quebec

Average rent: $1,300

Living in Montreal has several benefits, one of which is its vibrant cultural setting. Additionally, numerous students reside in Plateau, a neighbourhood with unique stores, cafes, and reasonably priced restaurants serving delectable food. The average monthly rent for one bedroom in Montreal is approximately $1,300.

3. St. Catharines, Ontario

Average rent: $1,164 

St. Catharines, the central city in Canada’s Niagara area, is another place that has a reputation for being reasonably priced. Living expenses are 0.5 percent lower than the national average. Approximately $1,164 per month, is required to rent a one-bedroom apartment. Moreover, this city is within 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls.

4. Calgary, Alberta

Average rent: $1,093

The largest city in Alberta, Calgary, is a popular ski destination, also referred to as the ‘Texas of Canada.’ Its population is the youngest among Canadian cities. One of Canada’s top design and art colleges is the Alberta College of Art and Design. Students who desire to pursue a creative program can apply to this college. In terms of renting, a one-bedroom apartment requires a minimum monthly rent of $1,093.

5. Abbotsford, British Columbia

Average rent: $1,050

Many people view British Columbia as expensive. However, various cities in this province are relatively affordable. Abbotsford is one among them, and it is the biggest city in the province in terms of area. Its cost of living is 3.6 percent lower than the national average. This city’s monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is roughly $1,050.

6. Sherbrooke, Quebec

Average rent: $800

Sherbrooke is an unofficial student town in Quebec situated around 160 kilometres from Montreal. Around 40,000 students attend eight different educational institutions in this area. In this town, the cost of living is 15.6% lower than the national average, and you can quickly locate a one-bedroom apartment for less than $800. 

7. Moncton, New Brunswick

Average rent: $757

The largest city in New Brunswick, Moncton, is also one of the least expensive. This city’s cost of living is 6.3 percent lower than the national average. A one-bedroom apartment is available for $757 per month. Like many other Canadian cities, Moncton is a good and friendly location.