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IRCC Minister Sean Fraser Canada

IRCC Minister Makes An Exclusive Immigration Announcement

Last Updated On 27 June 2023, 2:50 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

IRCC Minister Sean Fraser made an “exclusive immigration announcement” while attending Collision Conference in Toronto on June 27, 2023 at 11:25 am EST.

Minister also be attended a special citizenship ceremony welcoming 5 of the newest Canadian citizens.

This special citizenship ceremony was presided by the Citizenship Judge Marie Senécal-Tremblay.

As per IRCC official media advisory, immigration minister was supposed to make the announcement regarding tech talent attraction strategies.

Click here for 6 new measures announced by IRCC Minister today to attract tech talent to Canada.

New Immigration announcement
IRCC Official News Release June 27

The new announcement was be made from Collision Conference’s Centre Stage at 11:25 a.m. EST (Toronto time).

Location: Enercare Centre – Collision Centre Stage, 1-100 Princes Boulevard Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3

This new immigration announcement regarding strategies on Tech talent attraction was also be repeated in a press conference at 2:00 pm EST (Toronto time).

Location: Enercare Centre – Press Conference Area

IRCC Minister media advisory June 27 - new immigration announcement

What could this announcement be?

In an interview with The Logic on June 26, immigration minister indicated that they will offer faster processing to founders under Startup Visa program by offering more flexibility to work while they wait for permanent residency approval.

As per The Logic, this is a part of Immigration Minister’s new tech talent attraction strategies to bring in workers for the economical innovation.

So we may see more elaboration on improvement in Startup Visa program offering work permit to founders in Startup Visa program with faster processing.

Canada will provide “open” work permits under the new measures to be announced today, enabling entrepreneurs to work for organizations other than their own startups.

Furthermore, Canada will also be increasing eligibility to include all members of a startup’s founding team, not just key individuals for Startup Visa program.

And, extend the term of the temporary work permit from one year to three, matching them with the waiting time for permanent residency under Startup Visa program.

Minister Fraser will reveal more information on new initiatives aimed at hiring foreign workers in Tech sectors at the Collision conference today.

What is Collision Conference 2023?

Collision is “North America’s Fastest-Growing Technology Conference” with entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, investors, and journalists coming from all over the globe to attend the event for 3 days of networking, lead generation, and education from top-notch presentations and masterclasses.

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new announcement by Sean Fraser for tech talent