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International Students In Fake Offer Letter Case Are Now Receiving Work Permits

Last Updated On 13 July 2023, 8:35 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

4 out of 18 international students who were out-of-status and protested their deportation in fake offer letter case received approval of 3-year open work permit from IRCC.

This latest update on international students facing deportation is confirmed by the Sky Immigration team led by Amardeep Singh and Ravi Ganger.

Kudos to Sky Immigration team who have been leading from the front since the beginning of the protest against the unjust decision of innocent international students.

International students handing over demand letter to CBSA

Even immigration minister agreed that these international students are victims of fraud who were unknowingly preyed by they fraudulent agents.

Amardeep confirms that individual interviews have not yet started with the special IRCC task force announced by immigration minister to end their protest.

However, 4 of the international students have already received open work permit approvals and rest of the students are expected to get their’s soon.

He said that documents of these students including passports are still with CBSA and they will have to assess if there are any special conditions mentioned on the work permit document.

These international students will now have to present their case on individual basis in front of the special task force formed by IRCC.

Students who will demonstrate that they completed their intent of studying in Canada are expected to be provided further relief from deportation.

On June 14, 2023 Immigration Minister Sean Fraser exercised his ‘discretionary authority’ and temporarily stayed the imminent deportation of students in fake offer letter case.

But he made it clear that foreign students who took part in this scam on purpose will still be sent back to their home country.

Brijesh Mishra Arrested In Canada

Brijesh Mishra (primary accused immigration agent) was arrested by the CBSA on June 14, 2023, when he tried to get back into Canada through the U.S. land border.

He was reportedly staying in Canada since October 2022, even though his visitor visa had been cancelled because he was accused of “ghost-consulting.”

He crossed the border from the United States into Canada through the Douglas port of entry at the border with Washington state.

Since then, he was living with five other people in a rented house in Surrey, British Columbia.

Mishra went to U.S. via land border (purpose unknown) and was arrested on his way back on June 14, 2023.

He said that accusations of fraudulent documents against him are fake and he was never involved in such a scam.

In a request by Mishra’s lawyer, they pleaded that that there is no court record to back up his client’s arrest in May 2013.

International Students fake offer letter case
Brijesh Mishra

The lawyer said that Mishra couldn’t have been in India at that time because his papers showed that he was working in Australia.

Concerning the government’s claim that Mishra was involved in organized crime, Mishra’s lawyer said that the only proof the government had was a news story that said the man was wanted by local police for several different crimes.

“Just because he is being charged doesn’t mean that Mr. Mishra has done anything illegal himself. He could have. All he could have done was properly issue documents and set up papers for applications without lying at all” the tribunal was told by Mishra’s lawyer.

Mishra said he hadn’t seen his young child in India since he moved to Canada in October, and that they had only talked through Whatsapp video calls, which aren’t allowed in the CBSA detention centre.

He also told the tribunal that he wants to be removed from Canada as soon as possible and asked if he could just buy his ticket and fly back to India.

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