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Removal Orders From Canada

CBSA Charges Fraud Brijesh Mishra In Fake Offer Letter Case

Last Updated On 28 June 2023, 7:59 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced on June 23 that they have laid charges on fraud Indian national Brijesh Mishra with immigration-related offences.

As per the official press release, there is no confirmation whether they arrested/detained Brijesh.

However, INC News sources have confirmed that he has been arrested in Surrey, B.C.

Authorities in India and Canada were attempting to track down Brijesh Mishra for his suspected involvement in a fraud involving fake Canadian college acceptance letters.

Mishra arrived in Canada in October 2022 despite having his visitor visa canceled for allegedly “ghost-consulting,” crossing the border from the United States through Douglas port of entry at the Washington state border.

Since then he has been living in a rented home in Surrey, British Columbia, with five other individuals.

Mishra was ultimately arrested by CBSA on June 14, 2023 while attempting to re-enter Canada via the U.S. land border again.

The Agency initiated an investigation after receiving information regarding Mr. Mishra’s status in Canada and his alleged involvement in activities related to counselling misrepresentation.

On June 23 CBSA informed that their investigation results in criminal charges for immigration violations based on evidences collected.

Furthermore, the charges also include the issuance of fraudulent letters to Indian students on behalf of Canadian postsecondary institutions.

CBSA charges as per Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) include:

  • IRPA Section 91(1) Unauthorized Representation or Advice for Consideration – one count
  • IRPA Section 126 Counselling Misrepresentation – one count
  • IRPA Section 127(a) Misrepresentation (Direct or Indirect Misrepresentation) – one count
  • IRPA Section 127(b) Misrepresentation (Communicating False Information) – one count
  • IRPA Section 124(1)(a) Non-Compliance with the Act – one count
CBSA Charges Fraud Agent In Fake Offer Letter Case
CBSA official press release

Latest Update on the CBSA-IRCC Task Force

IRCC minister created a special task force of senior IRCC officers and CBSA personnel who are now working together to resolve the issue of students who are victims of fraud in the fake offer letter cases.

CBSA is identifying these students and sending the list to senior IRCC officers who will then identify and provide a chance to prove their innocence.

As per latest update, 309 international students have been identified so far.

While Task force decision is awaited, these students will be issued a TRP with a validity of 6 months.

Furthermore, these students will get an open work permit of 3 years once found innocent by the Task force.

Lovepreet Singh whose deportation on June 13 was stayed owing to students’ protest and Balbir Singh also appeared in front of Parliament Committee on June 22, 2023.

CBSA Charges Fraud Agent In Fake Offer Letter Case


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Is Brijesh Mishra arrested in Canada?

Yes, Brijesh Mishra was arrested on June 14, 2023 while trying to enter Canada from the United States, via Douglas port of entry at the Washington state border.

Previously, Mishra was staying in Surrey, B.C. since October 2022 and went to the United States recently (purpose of which is unclear). He was arrested while trying to re-enter Canada on June 14.