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How To Apply Canada SDS Study Visa With New English Tests

Last Updated On 26 August 2023, 1:18 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

On August 10, 2023, the IRCC approved four new English tests for the Canada SDS (Student Direct Stream) study visa, but they did not update the GCKey.

With back-and-forth communication between affected study visa applicants, the IRCC has now shared information on how to apply using the new English tests.

IRCC says they are experiencing a system error, and newly approved language tests do not appear as an option for applicants to select in the GCKey.

Meanwhile, the Canadian immigration department is working on resolving the error, but it is the weekend, and we hope that issue may resolve next week.

However, IRCC shared a temporary measure for Study visa applicants.

The applicants can use the below instructions to submit their English tests to have their applications considered for SDS (Student Direct Stream).

  • When asked if you’ve taken a language test in the past 2 years, select ‘Yes – IELTS’ even if you have CAEL, PTE, CELPIP, or TOEFL results.
Know How To Apply Canada SDS Study Visa With New English Tests
  • When asked if your test results were 6.0 or higher, select ‘Yes.’ Even if you have less than 6 in one or two modules of IELTS Academic.
Know How To Apply Canada SDS Study Visa With New English Tests
  • When you upload your supporting documents, upload your valid test results in the field labelled Proof of IELTS Results, which can be CAEL, PTE, CELPIP, or TOEFL results.

Always remember that for the SDS, IRCC only accepts in-person language examinations. Tests taken online are not accepted.

Is it confirmed that individuals with an overall score of 6 in IELTS are eligible to apply for an SDS study visa?

Yes, it is confirmed that study visa applicants under SDS can now submit applications with an overall score of 6 bands with 1-2 modules less than 6 bands in IELTS Academic.

However, applicants will need 6 each if they are submitting IELTS General test results.

What are the 4 new English tests approved for the Canada SDS Study Visa?

Canada is now accepting four new English language proficiency tests: CAELCELPIP, PTE, and TOEFL iBT effective August 10, 2023.


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