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Canada Express Entry

Express Entry-4 Important Things To Do While Waiting For ITA

If you are wondering what to do while waiting in the Express Entry pool, there are certain things you can proactively do to prepare or improve your profile. If Canada extends an invitation, you will have 60 days to submit an entire application. However, while you wait for the invitation, there are several things you can do to prepare. 

1. Get Your Documents Ready 

The application procedure will go more smoothly if you have all the required documents ready to submit within 60 days. These documents include: 

  • Police Certificates: In certain countries, getting a police certificate can be a lengthy process. To be safe, request them as you have entered the pool. You and any family member above 18 years will need to submit police certificates within 60 days.
  • Language Test Results: In general, language tests expire within two years. Therefore, you must ensure that your language test remains valid when submitting your permanent residency application. If your results expire before that, you should:
    • Retake the test 
    • Apply before your tests expire, if possible 
    • Or, decline the invitation and re-enter the pool to be included in a subsequent draw

Remember that your permanent residency application could be rejected if your language test results are no longer valid. 

2. Maintain Your Express Entry profile 

You are always responsible for keeping the information on your profile accurate and true. If anything changes regarding your situation, you must update your profile. Changes such as: 

  • changing careers 
  • accepting or declining a job offer
  • taking a new language reevaluation
  • obtaining a new child by adoption or birth,
  • getting marriage or divorce

3. Better your profile by getting a job offer 

You can connect with firms looking for employees with your set of skills using a database called Job Bank. Then, continue your job hunt by creating a Job Match account in the Job Bank. Finding a job through Job Bank could be a hard task, but there is always chance of getting a job offer.

However, you may need to include your Job Seeker Validation Code that you receive after submitting your Express Entry profile. Therefore, ensure you do not mix up your Express Entry profile number with Job Seeker Validation Code

4. Other ways to Improve your Express Entry CRS Score 

You can increase your pool ranking and your chance of getting an invitation to apply by:

  • Getting a genuine job offer through Job Bank
  • Utilize other employment sites such as Indeed and Linkedin to highlight your abilities to Canadian employers
  • Contacting provinces and territories to find Provincial Nominee Program options that best suit you 
  • Retaking language tests to increase your language score 
  • Getting higher education or an advanced degree 
  • Acquiring more relevant job experience 

In addition, you can find more ways to increase your CRS score here

If you provide inaccurate information or omit crucial information, IRCC may reject your application. Additionally, determine that you are not eligible to enter Canada and exclude you for five years from resubmitting your application.