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Sean Fraser - IRCC Minister

IRCC has updated the online processing tool to provide accurate information on processing times. This update was part of the effort to modernize the Canadian immigration system and was announced by immigration minister Sean Fraser on March 31, 2022. This article enlists latest processing times from IRCC website as of June 21, 2022. It’s important to understand what these processing times reflect.

What Updates Does the Processing Time Include 

In addition to accurate processing times, this tool is supposed to provide new weekly calculations from the previous six months’ data. Moreover, it reflects the application volume with operational challenges to help future immigrants plan their journey better. 

IRCC calculates processing time based on its time to process previous similar applications. The processing time begins when IRCC receives the application and ends when the immigration officer has decided on the application. Moreover, the processing time may vary on how the application was submitted on paper or online. 

Current Processing Times

As per latest publicly available data, there are more than 2.13 million people that are awaiting processing. However, some improvements in processing time are seen with express entry applicants. Still, IRCC is struggling to process applications due the impact on Covid-19 pandemic. Below are some of the current processing times as updated by IRCC on June 21, 2022.

Processing Times for Citizenship & PR cards
  • Citizenship grant: 27 months
  • Citizenship Certificate (proof of citizenship): 17 months
  • Resumption of citizenship: 23 months
  • Renunciation of citizenship: 15 months
  • Search of citizenship records: 15 months
  • New PR card: 71 days (reduced by 2 days since last week)
  • Renewing PR card: 60 days
Processing Time for Family Sponsorship (Unchanged Since Last Update)
  • Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada: 23 months 
  • Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada: 15 months
  • Parents or Grandparents: 34 months

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Processing time for Canadian Passport (Unchanged)
  • 1. In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted in person at Service Canada Centre – Passport services): 10 business days
  • 2. In-Canada New Passport (Regular application submitted by mail to Service Canada Centre): 20 business days
  • 3. In-Canada New Passport (Standard pick-up): 10 business days
  • 4. In-Canda Urgent pick-up: By the end of the next business day
  • 5. In-Canada Express pick-up: 2-9 business days
  • 6. Regular passport application mailed from outside Canada: 20 business days after receiving.
  • Click here for updated wait times at passport offices across Canada.
Processing time for Economic Class 
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): 11 months
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSWP): 26 months 
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): 43 months
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) via express entry: 21 months 
  • Non-Express Entry PNP: 27 months
  • Quebec skilled worker: 32 months. 
  • Quebec business class: 63 months. (reduced by 1 month since last week) 
  • Federal Self-employed: 41 months
  • Atlantic Immigration Program: 18 months. 
  • Start-up Visa: 31 months 

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Processing Time for Temporary Residence Application 
  • Visitor visa outside Canada: Varies by country (India: 141 days: Increased further by 6 days since last update on June 15)
  • Visitor visa inside Canada: 129 days online and 26 days by paper. (Reduced by 42 days (online) and 3 days (paper) since last update on June 15)
  • Parents or grandparents Super Visa: Varies by country (India: 147 days – Increased further by 1 day since last update on June 15)
  • Visitor extension (Visitor record): 185 days online and 211 days by paper. (Reduced again by 6 days (online) and 2 days (paper) since last update on June 15)
  • Study permit outside Canada: 12 weeks
  • Study permit inside Canada: 2 weeks (Reduced by 1 week since last update on June 15).
  • Work permit outside Canada: Varies by country (India: 40 weeks: Reduced by 1 week since last update on June 15)
  • Study permit extension: 65 days online and 178 days by paper. (Reduced by 1 day online and 32 days by paper since last update on June 15)
  • Work permit inside Canada (initial application or extension): 149 days online and 150 days by paper. (Increased by 2 days online and reduced by 1 day (paper) since last update on June 15)
  • International Experience Canada: Current season – 7 weeks. 

Source: IRCC

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