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Canada To Welcome Unlimited Number Of Ukrainians!

Today, Immigration Minister of Canada, Hon’ble Sean Fraser announced two new special programs for Ukrainians and also waived the application fees. Select your language below to read full transcript of the announcement in your own language for better understanding.

Sean Fraser’s announcement:

“Canada is ready to welcome Ukrainians fleeing Vladimir Putin’s war and there is no limit to the number of applications that we are going to be willing to accept. We’re launching two new special programs for Ukrainians who want to come to Canada temporarily and for those who wish to stay.

For those who need a safe haven while the war ravages their homeland. We are creating the Canada Ukraine Authorization for emergency travel. There will be no limit on the number of applications accepted under this stream.

The primary motivation for this new program is that it provides the fastest way for us to start welcoming as many Ukrainians as possible and will allow them to stay for a period of up to two years.


We’re waiving most of the requirements that exist under a traditional visa. In order to qualify, individuals will need to complete a simple application form and provide biometrics for security and background screening.

To help ensure this process can be executed in a timely way. We started moving biometric kits and other materials to the region in mid-January. This means that we have both the equipment and personnel in place to take biometrics in Warsaw, Vienna and Bucharest in addition to 30 other locations throughout Europe.

We are ready to extend hours of operation and add more staff as needed where needed. Everyone who arrives under this new stream will also be eligible for an open work permit or study permit that will allow them to take a job with any Canadian employer or enroll in an education program.


We’ll also be waiving application fees to remove the additional financial burden for families. Any Canadian employer willing to hire Ukrainians may do so. And, I encourage the Canadian business community to step up and do their part to help support those coming into Canada in their time of need. And, I want to say thank you to the employers who’ve already reached out saying that you want to do your part.

I’ve heard from the Ukrainian Canadian community that many fleeing the violence will want to return to their homeland and to their families when the war comes to an end. I’ve heard that others particularly those with family in Canada may wish to stay.

That is why we are also introducing an expedited path to permanent residency for Ukrainians seeking to reunite with family members, who are already in Canada through a new family sponsorship program.


This program will allow a wider circle of family members to be resettled in Canada compared to traditional family reunification streams. We’re going to be working closely with members of the Ukrainian Canadian community and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in particular to finalize the details of this new program in the coming weeks.

More than a month ago, we also moved to implement priority processing for Ukrainians who wish to reunite with families, study, work, or start a new life here in Canada.

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