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Canada to Speed Up Immigration Processing For New Ukrainians

Feb 24, 2022 PM Statement on Russia vs Ukraine

Today, Canada announced new sanctions and measures in regards to Russia v/s Ukraine. We all are aware of Russia and Ukraine conflict. It is labelled as world war 3 with western countries and most of the European countries as NATO taking a stand against Russia and China coalition. Canadian PM announced today special measures for Canadians, Permanent Residents, and would be applicants from Ukraine.

Click Here for Immigration measures for people affected by the situation in Ukraine.

PM Trudeau said, “Canada’s message to the people of Ukraine is this, you are not alone. We are standing with you. For Canadians and permanent residents in Ukraine, your safety and security are now our top priority. We also want to make sure that you can get to safety. We’ve arranged for safe passage for you and your families at the land borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.”

He also added, “We are urgently issuing travel documents for affected Canadian permanent residents and their immediate family members. We’re also prioritizing immigration applications for Ukrainians who want to come to Canada. And to ensure we can serve people as quickly as possible. Today, we are launching a new dedicated phone line for anyone at home or abroad with urgent Ukraine related immigration questions.”

Click here for emergency assistance phone line and contact.

IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser shared more information via a tweet, “We’re establishing a dedicated service channel for Ukraine enquiries at 613-321-4243. In addition, clients can now add the keyword “Ukraine2022” in their enquiry and their email will be prioritized.”

Tweet further said, “We’re implementing urgent processing of travel documents, including issuing single-journey travel documents, for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate family members.”

“We will extend temporary status and issue open work permits to Ukrainian visitors, workers and students who are currently in Canada and cannot go home, and waive fees for passports, permanent resident documents, proofs of citizenship, visitor visas and work and study permits.We’re also ensuring that Ukrainians currently in Canada do not have to leave.” ~ He added

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NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh asked for new measures to help Ukraine, just 2 hours before PM Trudeau’s conference.

“Canada also has to do its part to support anyone who’s fleeing this tragedy and providing that support for those folks to be able to make it to Canada. We cannot have another scenario like we saw in Afghanistan. Where people were fleeing the tragedy in Afghanistan and were unable to arrive to Canada because of challenges in the system. That made it so complicated for them to apply for their ability to get to Canada.

We need to make it streamlined, so Canada has to do two things:

1. Everything we can to denounce this attack. Everything we can to not just denounce it but to hit Putin and his allies where it counts, which is financial sanctions. Every and all tool possible to target sanctions and otherwise to make sure we send a clear message that this is wrong. And then provide support for Ukraine.

2. Secondly, we need to provide the assistance to humanitarian assistance. So, that people who are fleeing this war are able to come to Canada. And we welcome them providing a streamlined process for those folks.”

NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh
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