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Manila processing centre

Canada Opens New IRCC Operation Centre For Faster Processing

Last Updated On 3 March 2023, 2:10 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Today, IRCC announced that Canada has opened a new application processing centre in Manila, Philippines.

This new centre is aimed at supporting the Indo-Pacific strategy for Canada immigration and to speed up the processing of immigration applications both domestically and internationally.

There are already more than 50 IRCC visa offices spread among Canadian high commissioners, consulates, and embassies across the world.

And, this new centre will be supported by 37 new employees to boost global immigration processing capacity and support Indo-Pacific strategy.

The new facility is housed inside the Canadian Embassy in Manila and will help to manage the large number of visa applications received from throughout the world.

Additionally, it will support continuing initiatives of IRCC to enhance customer service and assist in achieving Canada’s future plans of record immigration numbers.

Canada is aiming to welcome around 1.5 million immigrants, in accordance with immigration levels plan of 2023-2025.

960,000 individuals of Philippine origina reside in Canada, according to the census of 2021. Furthermore, an increasing number of Filipino residents come to the country to visit friends and family.

Moreover, Canada is also one of the top choice by Filipinos to study for higher education and eventually integrate into Canadian economy.

What is Indo-Pacific Strategy in regards to Canada Immigration

The Indo-Pacific region is the fastest-growing economic region in the world and a large source of new immigrants for Canada.

India, China, and the Philippines were the top three source countries for permanent residents to Canada in 2022.

The goal of Canada’s policy is to boost the capacity for processing applications locally and throughout the Indo-Pacific region, including New Delhi, Chandigarh, Islamabad, and Manila, with an initial expenditure of $74.6 million over five years.

With such a huge investment specifically for Indo-Pacific strategy, it is clearly evident how important this region is for Canada immigration.

These new resources will assist ongoing efforts to manage the huge amount of visa applications from the Indo-Pacific area, bringing more individuals to Canada—whether for visits, studies, employment, or permanent immigration—and doing so more promptly.

Sean Fraser on new operations centre in Manila


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