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Canada Added 700,000 New Temporary Residents in 1 Year

Last Updated On 29 September 2023, 10:47 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

On September 27, 2023, Statistics Canada unveiled the new data reporting number of temporary residents already in Canada on study permits, work permits, and asylum claimants.

This demographic data reveals a nearly 700,000 increase in the number of temporary residents year-on-year as of the second quarter of 2023.

We expect that this number could easily breach the 2.5 million mark by the end of 2023.

No Clear Pathway For Permanent Residency

These Canadian temporary residents (TRs) are facing uncertainty around options to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

More than 1 million work permit holders in Canada are looking for permanent residency options through Canada’s economic immigration options.

However, the number of PR spots through these economic immigration are capped and quite less than number of these TRs in Canada.

Temporary Resident TypeQ2 2023Q1 2023Q4 2022Q3 2022Q2 2022
Total, asylum claimant256,958238,186217,925192,914177,281
Work permit holders only1,001,479853,221766,690698,522599,810
Study permit holders only 582,201559,428575,431537,581477,491
Work and study permit holders273,850240,653227,937213,758189,862
Other (mainly refers to family members living with permit holders)84,19173,83068,90063,97256,534
Total Temporary Residents2,198,6791,965,3181,856,8831,706,7471,500,978

Canada has set annual target for all the economic immigration program at 266,210 for 2023 with target of over 301,000 by 2025.

Furthermore, these temporary residents have to compete with international talent for the same number of PR spots.

Canada’s flagship program Express Entry has a specific category for individuals having Canadian Experience, but IRCC has not conducted any round of invitations specific for this category since 2021.

So this increase in number of temporary residents across Canada is due to less conversion of TRs to PRs forcing them to extend their stay by enrolling in study programs or gettting LMIA based work permits from within Canada.

Canadian government also introduced PGWP extension allowing internatioal students on a work permit after graduation to extend their status for another 18 months.

In layman’s eyes, Canada already has enough temporary residents to fulfill permanent residency targets for next 6-7 years if they don’t invite anyone from outside Canada.

However, Canadian immigration has now became more competitive with focus on giving permanent residency to individuals having experience in occupations with labour shortage, Francophones, and individuals with high level of education as well as 3-4 years of experience.

Internationally, educational consultants have already started advising new international students to avoid Canada and choose other developed countries given the economic slowdown and uncetainty around permanent residency options.

Province-Wise Number of Temporary Residents

Ontario has the highest number of temporary residents close to 1 million among all the categories.

ProvinceTotal Temporary ResidentsAsylum ClaimantsWork Permit HoldersStudy Permit HoldersBoth Work and Study Permit HoldersOthers (mainly refers to family members living with permit holders)
British Columbia400,96411,384196,259138,43438,84816,039
Nova Scotia45,79432520,71213,6199,0562,082
New Brunswick27,45818813,8647,4764,6261,304
Newfoundland and Labrador12,911736,0635,0171,186572
Prince Edward Island9,953265,1923,702745288
Northwest Territories5677490382012

Canadian Population Crossess 40 Million

Increase in temporary residents has also contributed to increase in overall Canadian population surpassing 40 million in July 2023.

More than 75% of the population reside in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia with Ontario being home to half of it.

Alberta recorded the highest percentage increase in population in 1 year as of July 2023.

GeographyQ3 2023Q3 2022Year-on-Year Change
British Columbia5,519,0135,356,2843.04%
Nova Scotia1,058,6941,025,4453.24%
New Brunswick834,691809,5683.10%
Newfoundland and Labrador538,605531,5831.32%
Prince Edward Island173,787167,1883.95%
Northwest Territories544,97244,6850.64%
Canadian population

How much is the population of Canada?

40,097,761 is the population of Canada as per latest official demographic data of Statistics Canada.


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