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no express entry draw today

Why There Is No Express Entry Draw

Last Updated On 30 November 2023, 9:28 AM EST (Toronto Time)

There has been no Express Entry draw this week so far, while we are all expecting a round of invitations since the last one was on October 26, 2023.

The usual frequency of Express Entry draws is every two weeks. However, IRCC has skipped biweekly draws in the past too, so it is not new.

In this article, we pin-point two possible reasons for the ‘no Express Entry draw‘ announced this week.

Express Entry System Glitch

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has added a new address field of ZIP/PIN/postal code to profiles in the Express Entry profiles for primary applicants.

This new field is also added to the dependent family member’s section if you have a spouse or dependent added as a family member.

This has resulted in Express Entry profiles being struck as “in progress” for these sections.

Users have also reported that the system is not updating even after they updated the new address fields. The IRCC is currently working on resolving this glitch.

So this could be the major reason why IRCC has not held any Express Entry draws this week.

As per the latest official IRCC update of November 29, the issue regarding the Express Entry profile builder still persists.

As a result, IRCC has sent an email to all the affected candidates who received an invitation to apply on September 26th, September 27th, and September 28th giving them more time to submit the application.

  • 11/26/2023 expiry changed to 01/26/2024
  • 11/27/2023 expiry changed to 01/27/2024
  • 11/28/2023 expiry changed to 01/28/2024

As per the official IRCC email, there is no date yet for a fix, but the department is working urgently to fix the issue.

Previously, on November 16, IRCC said the technical glitch with the Express Entry builder is now resolved.

This is expected to be the major reason for no Express Entry draw this week.

Updating Certificate of Qualification Occupations

Another possible reason could be that IRCC has updated the list of occupations eligible for a certificate of qualification by removing truck drivers from it.

A certificate of qualification (COQ) gives 50 additional points to Express Entry profiles and with this new update, truck drivers who have marked ‘yes’ to COQ will have to change it back to ‘no.’

Truck drivers are part of category-based Express Entry draws for the transportation sector and this could also be the reason that IRCC wants to give truckers ample time to update their profiles.

Although an update to this list by the IRCC could be because some profiles in the Transport Occupations targeted draw on September 20 might have been incorrectly invited due to the addition of 50 points for COQ.

An initial assessment of those submitted applications could have warranted the IRCC removing truck drivers from the COQ list since they did not qualify for these 50 points.

Express Entry Next Draw Prediction

We expect that the glitch affecting the Express Entry system will be resolved soon and the draws will resume.

Whatever the reason, there was no express entry draw this week, but the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cutoff will definitely increase as compared to what we would have seen this week.

Progress on decreasing the CRS cutoff score has again hit a roadblock and we can expect an Express Entry draw next week.

Fingers crossed and we hope that IRCC does not skip the draw next week because it will then cause a further increase in the CRS cutoff score.

Express Entry 2023 Summary

Draw TypeInvitationsCRS Cutoff Score
No program-specified draws70,625481-531
Francophone invitations7,700375-486
Healthcare invitations5,600431-476
Federal Skilled Worker3,300489
PNP only4,396691-791
Trade invitations1,500388
Transport invitations1,000435
Agriculture and agri-food invitations600354
STEM invitations500486
Express Entry draws 2023


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no express entry draw today

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