Toronto Vs Vancouver: Here Is How To Choose Between The Two?

Toronto Vancouver

Toronto Vs Vancouver: With thriving economies, picturesque surroundings and engaging activities, both cities are experiencing exponential growth.

However, deciding between these two cities could be difficult given their stark differences. 

For instance, many people equate New York City with a cosmopolitan atmosphere similar to that of Toronto.

But on the other hand, Vancouver has a distinctly western feel that makes people think more of San Francisco or Seattle.

Below is a comparison between lifestyle, weather, population and leisure activities in Toronto and Vancouver that can help you choose. 

Toronto Vs Vancouver: People, Population and Culture 

Toronto has the highest population, while Vancouver is Canada’s third most populous city. Moreover, Toronto is 2.5 times larger than Vancouver and has just about 6 million people living in its metropolitan area.

With representation from more than 200 different nations, the city of Toronto is frequently referred to as the most multicultural worldwide.

Such diversity is evident in Toronto’s many festivals, cultural events and ethnic neighbourhoods such as Little Italy, Koreatown, Little India, etc. 

In comparison, more than half of Vancouver’s population have a first language other than English. Moreover, due to its location on the Pacific Ocean, the city has a greater East Asian impact than Toronto, and First Nation culture is more widespread.

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Toronto Vs Vancouver: Difference in lifestyles 

Canada’s financial and cultural hub, Toronto, is a major city. It comes with more dining, shopping, and entertainment options. If you like the city feel and vibe more, Toronto is the city for you. 

Vancouver is ideal for people who prefer their city to be a little more laid-back, health-focused, and hippy. It also has growing opportunities in multiple industries and sectors.

Additionally, Vancouver offers all the essential comforts you would expect to find in a metropolis combined with other unique opportunities. For example, it only takes a 30-minute drive to go skiing or kayaking from downtown. 

Leisure activities

If you want to spend every evening or weekend playing outside while working in a city, Vancouver is the place for you. Everything from hiking, biking, skiing, canoeing or diving is available close to downtown.

Moreover, numerous city-based activities are also available, from excellent restaurants and festivals to art galleries. However, the best of Vancouver is outside of its city’s streets. 

For city lovers, Toronto is the place! There are opportunities to discover and enjoy nature, but you may need to drive further away from the city. People enjoy cross-country skiing, ATVing, skating, and snowmobiling in outskirts of Ontario.

In this part of Canada, canoeing is practically a rite of passage. Being surrounded by lakes, Torontonians have a custom of escaping to the cottage every long weekend.

Difference in weather

Toronto is hotter and colder than Vancouver due to its extreme temperature variations. Winters in Toronto can go as low as -33°C, while summers can be around 35°C with high humidity. In addition, Toronto also experiences heavy snow and ice storms. 

Conversely, Vancouver experiences mild winters (0–4 °C) and warm to hot summers (25-30°C) combined with heavy rains. It might be cloudy and dreary for several weeks. Then, every year, the rain turns to snow in the city for a few days.

Final thoughts

Choose Vancouver if you enjoy outdoor activities paired with mild winters, laid-back area, being on the coast, or rain! 

If you love city vibes, snow and a more affordable way of life, and being in a central location, choose Toronto! 


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