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Canada Immigration: Canada welcomed more than 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world. Additionally, Canada’s new Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 aims to welcome 431,645 immigrants in 2022 to support Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery. 

Furthermore, many come to stay in Canada permanently (as permanent residents) through Canada’s skilled worker immigration programs or the Provincial Nominee Programs. Other newcomers come to Canada to start their own businesses or to work temporarily to assist Canadian employers in meeting short-term labour needs in specific occupations. 

Despite the pandemic and Covid-19 limitations, the number of immigrants has been steadily increasing in Canada. If you dreamed of studying or working abroad. This is your chance for more career opportunities and 100+ course options. You can explore and start your journey to Canada.

Start early, Start now. We know there has been a delay in processing of IRCC applications, which is unfortunate. However, if you are planning for Canada immigration, then you should start asap and get in the queue. Meanwhile, also work on improving your profile to increase your chances of selection.

Here are some tips that you should know to increase your selection for Canadian Immigration.
  • Improve your English and French skill: Get more score in IELTS/ TOEFL for English and TCF/ TEF for French. You can score 50 points extra if you are francophone.
  • Check out Provincial Nominee programs along with Express entry Federal High Skilled programs.
  • Job seekers, improve your resume and learn about the Canadian work culture. You can find information on immigrant serving organizations, as well as search for and apply for jobs, on Job Bank, (federal job postings) and more.
  • Students can select from a variety of colleges and universities in Canada and start their journey towards immigration. Examine IRCC DLI (Designated Learning institute list which consists all the colleges province wise with government approved programs).
  • Get your credentials assessed for IRCC (foreign credentials assessment) even if you are coming on a temporary resident visa. Recognize your category and create a plan around it and have fruit of patience.
  • Seek advice from RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) or immigration lawyers as they have extensive knowledge of different immigration programs. The consultations might be paid hourly, but are worth for planning your Canadian dream.

As Canada recovers from the economic effects of COVID-19, the government looks at immigration as the solution. With exciting new changes in Canadian immigration on the horizon for 2022, now is a great time to start your immigration journey. 

Canada immigration

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