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Ontario Seeking To Double The Immigration Quota For PNP!

Ontario is seeking Federal Government to double the number for nomination which Ontario can nominate and provide more autonomy to the provincial government. Purpose of this is to fill the gap of labor market in the province. Ontario’s existing PNP quota of nominating fewer than 9,000 immigrants each year was agreed with Ottawa in 2017. However, Progressive Conservatives (Doug Ford) was not the premier of Ontario at that time. Furthermore, usually more than 125,000 immigrants come to Ontario via federal immigration program.

Ontario’s labor minister, McNaughton has already spoken to Sean Fraser (new immigration minister), but the two haven’t had the chance to meet officially yet. McNaughton said the Progressive Conservatives want more of a say in which immigrants are allowed to come to Ontario. He said their first formal meeting could happen as soon as next week. During this meeting, he would put forward the request to Fraser regarding new OINP needs.

It’s important to mention here that the Liberal government promised in the election campaign that they will reform economic-immigration programs and to recognize more foreign job credentials. The Progressive Conservative (PC) government has plans to pass legislation strengthening care standards in nursing homes; to spend $2.7 billion for 30,000 new beds; and to spend another $4.9 billion to hire 27,000 full-time workers.

Previously, Ontario has expressed that to meet province’s objective require migrants. This depends on Ottawa’s willingness to give Ontario the control it wants over jobs that tend to attract foreigners to the province. “Ontario generally … is working with Ottawa for more flexibility (over) our immigration. If we’re going to get those 27,000 people … there’s no way we get there without providing pathways.” Ontario’s Long-Term Care Minister Rod Phillips said.


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