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Ontario PNP For Tech Skills – All You Need To Know!

Last Updated On 15 March 2023, 10:48 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Canada is looking for skilled tech candidates now more than ever. Ontario is the largest province Canada both area-wise and population-wise.

It is trying to fill the growing needs in the technology sector. Provincial immigration to Ontario is one of the most commonly used methods for tech professionals.

Additionally, most common way of immigrating, the Express Entry system is currently declaring high cut off scores.

So, PNPs have gained the interest of applicants to get a provincial nomination. Provincial nomination gives an additional 600 points to an Express Entry profile.

Attributing to this, if your experience is tech occupations and you are looking for permanent residency, then OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) for tech skilled immigrants could be your option.

Ontario PNP for tech-skilled immigrants

There is a huge demand for tech workers in Canada. So, to meet this demand, tech-specific draws take place through the Human Capital Priorities stream of the OINP.

This Stream is a common pathway that tech-skilled immigrants take to settle in Canada.

OINP scans through the available Express Entry profiles in the pool for the NOC codes that corresponds to the requirement of province.

After which, they handpicks candidates with some other criteria in place.

The candidates are then invited to move to Canada through the Human Capital Priorities Stream.

This pathway allows Canada to help businesses in the tech sector find and hire skilled people.

Moreover, this is extremely helpful when insufficient skilled people are available in Ontario. 

Ontario has the largest PNP by federal government allocation. Also, Ontario has three of the foremost tech hubs in North America.

These are in Toronto, Ottawa, and the Waterloo Region. It is important to mention that Waterloo is the silicon valley of Canada.

Occupations that qualify for tech draws by OINP

Listed below are the occupations classified under NOC considered eligible for the selection of candidates by OINP.

So, if you want to qualify for a provincial nomination, you have to show your experience in working in any one of these- 

OccupationNOC 2021 (TEER)NOC 2016
Software engineers and designers212312173
Computer programmers and interactive media developers21230/32/342174
Computer engineers213112147
Web designers and developers21233/342175
Database analysts and data administrators212232172
Computer and information systems managers200120213

Eligibility Requirements

Additionally, here are a few other requirements to be considered under the Ontario HCP. You must have-

  • An active profile under the Federal Express Entry system and qualify for the FSWP or the CEC.
  • At least one year of full-time in the past five years if applying under the FSWP. If you are applying under the CEC, it should be three years.
  • The equivalent of a Canadian bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • An intention to live in the province of Ontario
  • Language proficiency of minimum CLB/NCLC level 7 in English or in French
  • Proof of required settlement funds.
  • Minimum Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System score as determined by the director under period draws.


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