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Ontario Health Card

Ontario Health Card – Here Is Full Step-Wise Guide To Apply

Last Updated On 28 October 2022, 7:04 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Ontario Health Card – Free health care is one of the most significant benefits of moving to Canada. In Canada, health care is delivered through each province and territory. In Ontario, it is called OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program).

OHIP pays for a lot of health services that you may need. All you need to have is a health card. So, if you are new to Canada and need to get a health card, you are in the right place.

This article has a stepwise guide to applying for a health card. 

Health Care in Ontario

Ontario Health Insurance Program provides free health care services because these are covered by provincial taxes. However, you need to carry your OHIP card every time, to get these services. The provincial government issues this card as proof that you are eligible to get free healthcare.

OHIP covers the entire cost of-

  • Family doctor visits
  • Walk-in clinic visits
  • Hospital stays (excluding private or semi-private rooms)
  • One eye exam every year for people19 years and younger and/or 65 years and older. However, an eye exam for anyone between 20-64 years of age is covered if you have a specific medical condition, such as glaucoma or diabetes mellitus.
  • Any dental surgery that is performed in a hospital. 

How to apply for Ontario health card?

You have to apply for a health card in person at a ServiceOntario Centre. You can check their website for your nearest location. Also, you can call them at 416-326-1234 or 1-866-532-3161 from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any additional information. 

Listed below is a stepwise guide to applying for a health card-

Fill out a form

Before visiting ServiceOntario, you need to fill in the Registration for Ontario Health Insurance Coverage form. You can download this form online or can pick up a copy at a Service Ontario Centre. Each person applying will need a separate form. The form is available in English and as well as French. 

Get your documents

You need to bring three separate documents on your visit. You can find the list of qualifying documents here. Please note that photocopies are not accepted. These three documents should prove-

Visit Service Ontario Centre

You need to visit a ServiceOntario Centre in person with the above-mentioned form and documents. Getting in in the morning is advisable to avoid long wait times. Also, if you have children or dependents aged 15-and-a-half years or younger, you can apply on their behalf at the same time.

However, children older than that need to apply on their own. A service representative will process your application once you have all the required documents. Also, they will take your photo. You do not have to pay anything for the card. 

Click here to find your nearest Service Ontario Centre.

Receive your card

Lastly, you will receive your card via mail. It may take two to three weeks to arrive. 


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