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IEC Work Permit Processing To Speed Up With New Automation Tool

New IRCC Automation Tool To Speed Up Work Permit Under IEC

Last Updated On 7 November 2023, 7:41 PM EST (Toronto Time)

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is streamlining the work permit processing for applicants applying under International Experience Canada (IEC) by expanding the use of a new automation tool.

By classifying applications according to their level of difficulty and confirming eligibility for regular applications, the new automation tool will speed up the processing of these work permit applications.

This is a similar automation tool already being used to process LMIA-based and post-graduation work permits (PGWPs).

Previously, IRCC has also implemented these automation tools for visitor visas and super visas.

Canadian immigration department efficiency would increase by allowing some applicants to receive decisions more quickly.

Additionally, it will help International Experience Canada expand and make it easier for young people from outside to work and visit Canada.

One aspect of IRCC’s dedication to ethically leveraging technology to strengthen the immigration system for all of our clients is the implementation of automated technologies.

To ensure the tools function as intended and the outcomes are consistent with applications that undergo a thorough human evaluation, IRCC constantly reviews the tools.

Officers are free to concentrate on evaluating applications and reaching conclusions because the work permit tool’s triage feature handles the majority of repetitive and secretarial work associated with sorting applications.

Using rules created by IRCC officers with experience and taking into account the program’s legal and regulatory requirements, the tool ranks applications according to priority.

Officers get files to process further in accordance with office capabilities and officer experience.

The eligibility part of the tool uses officer-developed criteria to identify routine applications for quicker processing.

The applicant’s dossier is subsequently forwarded to an officer, who will make the ultimate determination about the applicant’s admissibility to Canada.

Applications that are not automatically approved due to eligibility requirements may still be manually authorized once an officer reviews them.

IRCC emphasizes that applications cannot be rejected by automated technology and only their officers have the authority to do so.

In accordance with privacy regulations and the defence of human rights, IRCC is dedicated to creating and implementing data-driven technologies in an ethical manner.

The tool used to process IEC work permit applications has undergone an algorithmic impact assessment (AIA), which was carried out as part of this effort and built upon Canada’s Treasury Board Directive on Automated Decision-Making.

Numerous precautions are taken to reduce potential dangers, and the AIA classified the systems’ effect level as moderate.

These precautions include a review of the tool’s design for privacy and security, an assessment of any potential discriminatory effects, and the power for officers to override the tool’s judgment.

What can you do to ensure that an automation tool processes your application smoothly?

To make sure your application is considered eligible by the new automated tool, you should:

  • Verify that the application you submitted is complete.
  • Fill out all the required fields on all forms.
  • Give advance notice of any supporting documentation.
  • Include a letter of explanation in your application if there is anything out of the ordinary or unexpected.
  • Provide as much clarity as you can in your application and letter of explanation.

What is the processing time for the International Experience Canada 2023 work permit?

5 weeks is the processing time for the International Experience Canada-IEC 2023 season, as per the IRCC’s most recent official processing update.


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IEC Work Permit Processing To Speed Up With New Automation Tool

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