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Most & Least Preferred Provinces By People Already In Canada

Here is the Q1 2022 data for interprovincial migration within Canada from the official website of Statistics Canada. Interprovincial migration represents movements from one province or territory to another, involving a change in usual place of residence. This data from January to March 2022 reflects most and least preferred provinces by people already in Canada.

Total of 82,890 Canadian residents changed their usual province of residence and moved to another province. Most preferred province was Alberta adding net 5,351 people from other provinces, while Ontario was the least preferred as net 11,566 people left the province.

After Alberta, most preferred were British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick with 4 digit positive net migration into the province. Following Ontario, least preferred were the prairie provinces; Manitoba and Saskatchewan with 4 digit negative migration out of the province.

Below is the province-wise data for in and out migration during the first quarter (Jan-March) of 2022. 👇

ProvincePersons Moved InPersons Moved OutNet Migration Into The Province
British Columbia 15,90912,8583,051
Nova Scotia5,9173,4982,419
New Brunswick5,0102,8972,113
Prince Edward Island1,484747737
Newfoundland and Labrador2,2191,714505
Northwest Territories472617-145

Interprovincial Migration Q1 2022


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