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Latest COVID/Omicron Update of Canada As of December 19!

Latest COVID/Omicron Update As of December 19, 2021 – Canada’s total active cases of COVID has increased from 35,941 to 62,063 since our last update on December 11. Highest single day count of new cases was 9,163 reported on December 17 and highest count of deaths was 28 on Dec 14.

However, cases recorded on December 19 is considered to be the highest single day count since the beginning of pandemic. 8,745 new cases were recorded on Dec 19, but new case count is still pending from British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, and Northwestern Territories.

Previously Canada reported 9,332 new cases on April 16, 2021 and 9,213 new cases on January 8, 2021. We will be updating all the provincial COVID cases on Monday evening as BC, AB, MB, PEI, YT, and NT updates the daily numbers from Monday-Friday.

There has been concerns regarding “Omicron” variant around the globe and Canada now officially has 831 Omicron cases. However, there are still significantly higher number of Delta variants still being recorded with 175 new cases of this variant reported on December 19, 2021.

ProvinceTotal Active CasesOmicronNew Cases
Canada62,0638318745 (Dec 19)
Quebec27,033133,846 (Dec 19)
Ontario20,8502504177 (Dec 19)
Alberta4,431173553 (Dec 17)
British Columbia4,313302789 (Dec 17)
Manitoba1,7998239 (Dec 17)
Nova Scotia1,53440476 (Dec 19)
New Brunswick1,25830108 (Dec 19)
Saskatchewan5761077 (Dec 19)
Newfoundland and Labrador127161 (Dec 19)
Prince Edward Island88213 (Dec 18)
Yukon4427 (Dec 17)
Northwest Territories1407 (Dec 16)
Nunavut101 (Dec 8)

So far, government data has shown that around 79.9% of the new cases are coming among unvaccinated individuals and 9.3% of the new cases are among fully vaccinated. Percentage of new cases among fully vaccinated has increased from 8.8% to 9.3% since our update on December 12.


Canada is now betting on Booster shots for fully vaccinated Canadians to deal with newly spread Omicron, but concerns are still about Delta variant. With introduction of Omicron, Delta variant is not going to be less deadly with daily cases on the rise. For instance, on Dec 19 Canada only reported 32 new cases of Omicron, but reported 175 new cases of Delta variant.

Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam recently said “Currently the rapid increase in Omicron cases is likely already contributing to the accelerated growth we’re seeing in several jurisdictions. Over the past seven days, an average of over 5,000 new cases were reported daily across Canada, which is 45% higher than the previous 7-day period.” However, Delta variant is still leading the daily counts with only 831 cases of Omicron in the increase of more than latest 30,000 positive cases.

As previously mentioned by Dr. Tam, Canada needs to manage this issue domestically. We stand with families who lost there loved ones, but on the positive side 98% people successfully recovered after being infected.

Here is the full and real picture since the beginning of pandemic. 18,21,041 people tested positive and 17,90,996 (98%) patients recovered, but 30,045 (2%) infected people died.

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