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Latest COVID/Omicron Update of Canada As of December 11!

Latest COVID/Omicron Update As of December 11, 2021 – Canada’s total active cases of COVID has increased to 35,941. Highest single day count of new cases was 4,745 reported on December 10 and highest count of deaths was 27 on Dec 6 & Dec 7. There has been concerns regarding “Omicron” variant around the globe. Canada has recently announced travel restrictions banning foreign nationals from 10 African countries and making on-arrival testing mandatory for fully vaccinated. However, Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) is still not doing on-arrival testing for all the fully vaccinated travelers.

Omicron cases have increased from 18 to 91 as compared to our previous update a week ago. This data is until December 10 as latest data has not been updated yet. However, we believe Omicron cases have already crossed the 100 mark. In London, Ontario there were 50 people involved in a cluster that began with two people who traveled from Nigeria late last month. This could be the largest probable Omicron cluster in the country.

“We have identified the largest cluster of probable Omicron in the country. To be clear, now it is transmitted in Canada, and not just in Middlesex London. But that’s our understanding of the story to date.” – Medical Officer of Health Dr. Alex Summers

Highest number of Omicron cases have been reported in Ontario at 45 followed by Alberta at 23. Both Manitoba and British Columbia reported 5 cases each of the new variant, while Quebec reported 7. Saskatchewan has 4 cases of this new variant, while Yukon has also recorded 2 cases.

Preliminary study on Omicron in South Africa has shown that this variant of concern is not as severe as it is being portraited and is less likely to cause severe symptoms. Furthermore, studies have also shown that Pfizer’s booster shot after 2 vaccines seems to be effective against this new variant of concern.

Canada has expanded eligibility for vaccination making all the individuals, 5 years or older eligible to receive the vaccination. Previously this eligibility was for people aged 12 or older. As per latest vaccination data, 80.271% of Canada’s population aged 5 or older has been fully vaccinated, while around 85.49% has received at least 1 dose.

So far, government data has shown that around 80.4% of the new cases are coming among unvaccinated individuals and 8.8% of the new cases are among fully vaccinated. Percentage of new cases among fully vaccinated has increased from 8.3% to 8.8% since our update on November 7.

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