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Latest BC PNP Draw 2023 Sent More Than 243 Invites For PR

Last Updated On 23 March 2023, 11:54 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Latest BC PNP Draw (British Columbia) today on March 21, 2023 issues more than 243 invitations for permanent residency (PR).

202 invitations are sent under 5 categories of the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program in a general draw.

The general draw also considered the profiles with Tech occupations.

More than 41 invitations are sent in targeted rounds of invitations focusing on Healthcare related occupations.

Summary of BC PNP Draw (General) today

StreamCut Off Score
Skills Immigration (SI) Skilled Workers – Eligibility101
Skills Immigration (SI) International Graduates – Eligibility106
Skills Immigration (SI) Entry Level & Semi-Skilled – Eligibility85
Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) Skilled Workers – Eligibility101
Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) – International Graduates – Eligibility106

Cut off score increased by 1 point among all the categories, except Skills Immigration (SI) Entry Level & Semi-Skilled stream as compared to general draw on March 7, 2023.

Below is the summary to BC PNP Targeted Draw

Number of invitationsStreamCut Off Notes
34Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)60Targeted draw at NOC 42202 – Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants
17Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)60Targeted draw at Healthcare occupations
<5Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option)60Targeted draw at NOCs 31103 (Veterinarians) and 32104 (Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians)

BC PNP Healthcare occupations

  • 30010 Managers in health care
  • 31100 Specialists in clinical and laboratory medicine
  • 31101 Specialists in surgery
  • 31102 General practitioners and family physicians
  • 31110 Dentists
  • 31112 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
  • 31120 Pharmacists
  • 31121 Dietitians and nutritionists
  • 31200 Psychologists
  • 31201 Chiropractors
  • 31202 Physiotherapists
  • 31203 Occupational therapists
  • 31204 Kinesiologists and other professional occupations in therapy and assessment
  • 31209 Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating
  • 31300 Nursing coordinators and supervisors
  • 31301 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • 31302 Nurse practitioners
  • 31303 Physician assistants, midwives and allied health professionals
  • 32101 Licensed practical nurses
  • 32102 Paramedical occupations
  • 32103 Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists
  • 32109 Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment
  • 32110 Denturists
  • 32111 Dental hygienists and dental therapists
  • 32112 Dental technologists and technicians
  • 32120 Medical laboratory technologists
  • 32121 Medical radiation technologists
  • 32122 Medical sonographers
  • 32123 Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists
  • 32124 Pharmacy technicians
  • 32129 Other medical technologists and technicians
  • 32200 Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists
  • 33100 Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
  • 33101 Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations
  • 33102 Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  • 33103 Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants
  • 41300 Social workers
  • 41301 Therapists in counselling and related specialized therapies
  • 42201 Social and community service workers

What is BC PNP or British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an economic immigration program administered by the Immigration Programs Branch of the British Columbia government.

The program enables the province to choose and nominate foreign employees, international students, and entrepreneurs to help satisfy labour market demands, support government initiatives, and grow the economy.

You and your family can apply to the Immigration and Refugee Council of Canada (IRCC) to become permanent residents of Canada if you are selected and nominated in one of the draws.

What is BC PNP processing time?

3 months is the estimated processing time for BC PNP Skills Immigration. These processing times begin on the day we receive your full application and are based on 80% of the files.

How much is BC PNP Skills Immigration fees?

$1,150 is the application processing fee for BC PNP Skills Immigration. Furthermore, $500 is the request of review fee.

Please note that there is no fee for registration of your profile with BC PNP.


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