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Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Will Continue To Be Canadian PM!

Justin Trudeau will continue to be Canadian Prime Minister. Liberals will again make minority government after winning 158 electoral districts out of 338, with 32.2% votes. On the other hand, conservatives won 119 electoral districts with 34% votes. Bloc Québécois won 34 electoral districts and became 3rd largest party in Canada, while Jagmeet Singh’s NDP only won 25 electoral districts. It’s important to mention here that 170 electoral districts are required for majority government.

Trudeau won from his seat with 21,872 votes, getting 11,851 votes more than his competition NDP’s Christine Paré. Justin Trudeau thanked Canadians in a tweet for voting and bringing Liberals back into power.

Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino won with 19,442 votes `defeating Conservatives Geoff Pollock by 5,621 votes. Winning of Liberals sent a wave of happiness among future Canada immigrants as they were their first choice.